The Art of letting go !

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The Art of Letting go – Letting go is never easy,whether its a relationship,your ego,control or a Job,When we are told it is all coming in divine time, the mind can get intrusive and want specific answers. The need to know with certainty is common but it is not the way things work in the realm of spirit. Before incarnating, our souls, wise and all-seeing, planned certain events, meetings with people, karmic connections, plans for the evolution of the soul, and so on.

These are large events, like markers along your path. The rest is dependent on your free will. You don’t have to take up a marker event, you can walk right by it or even sit right in front of it and not budge

I am sure you have seen people doing this, and opportunity comes along but they can’t or won’t proceed. In any event when we, or someone else in our lives, does this, we are exercising free will.

It is also our free will in play when we want a certain outcome to happen in a certain way or time. When we do this we force restrictions onto the situation and we can impede our progress.

What is Divine timing ?

Divine timing happens when the energetic forces around a situation (such as twin flames coming together) are a vibrational match. This is when we experience the outcome we desire but only after we have surrendered that event – most importantly, how it will happen and when.


It’s difficult to let go of something that you want badly, to trust that it will come. The mind fights us every step of the way. Yet, for all our energetic expenditures, in the end, the outcome comes no sooner, and we have only exhausted ourselves in the process. Try not to overthink, to control. Find certainty in the unknown. This is a great lesson that we all undergo in mass, twin flames, light workers and others who are awakening. We are, all of us, letting go of the old conditioning of needing certainty. In truth, we gain nothing but an illusion of certainty through control. Grace is required to embrace what is possible through surrender. I tell you anything is possible, but we must let go of how and when.

How to let go :  The art of Letting go is the hardest Asana !

In order to surrender with grace, it is necessary to clear. If you should notice some area that creates resistance for you – for example in love, resistance might look like this: you want answers now, you want to know who and when and where you will meet your twin flame. But what does this information really give you? An expectation, something that you can control at the level of the mind; but what if instead you were told that you will meet your twin in this lifetime, it will happen when things in both of your lives match, when you are both ready and that this is for the best possible outcome for your union.

Can you notice the difference in the feeling of the two actions? One is forced, controlled and somewhat desperate because it is fear based. The second is free, based on love. This is the best approach when dealing with love and preparing for it to arrive in one’s life. Whether it is love, abundance, life purpose, having a child, anything in life that we are strongly drawn to and want in our lives. It can fall prey to our strong desire to have control over it. When we allow this part of ourselves to dominate, we actually push the very people and situations we want in our lives away, or we attract ones that we think are the answer but they fall short.

The art of surrender has to do with seeing what you resist and working with it. First, accept it and then surrender so that it can be cleared. This activity promotes healing and raises your vibration. You learn to see things from a higher perspective.

The act of surrender is one that gives you the chance to fulfill your life’s mission and to live in a state of well-being. It is not one that keeps you in a pattern of upset like the old ways, but rather it lifts you up and inspires you to live in ways that are expansive. This is when transformation occurs and it all starts with surrender. Surrendering to a higher power, whatever problem, issue, dream, meeting your soulmate or twin flame, relocating, a job, abundance or anything at all; taking the path of surrender clears a path for it to come in when it vibrationally matches you. The more you clear, the sooner this can be.

Conclusion : Art of Letting go is the best thing to do !!

In the end, it comes down to two things: free will and divine timing. You have the free will to choose, as everyone does. You also have the wisdom to choose divine timing, to choose to surrender and trust that the thing you want, wants you too, and it is just a matter of getting out of your own way. Step aside from the old way of control and fear to the new way of trust and unconditional love. This is the art of surrender in action, unconditional love.

We all must undergo this transformation, to turn to the unconditional because we are unconditional beings. We are simply returning to our authentic state. Too long, we have been isolated, afraid, living lives of inferiority and angry for it or depressed and feeling helpless. Return to your authentic state of being, surrender the old and welcome in the new. It is time, yet the choice is always yours to make. The marker is upon you.

​What decision will you make?

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