Self Control – All About Your Willpower

Self Control


People who have better self-control tend to be healthier and happier.Whether one is most tempted by addictions or their weaknesses,everyone has areas of their lives in which they wish to exercise a little more willpower.

How can an someone build this critical skill ?

Researchers have pointed to use rewards, routines, and mindfulness. These are few possible ways to establish better habits and regulate behavior over the time.

Strengthening willpower may not always be easy, but the benefits can significantly improve health, performance at work, and quality of life.


Research suggests self-control has its limitations, and it can be strengthened.

Effective strategies include:

Avoid temptation. This is an effective way of making the most of your available self-control.

Avoiding temptation ensures that you do not “use up” your available self-control before it is really needed.

Plan ahead and work on it. Research has found that planning ahead and working on it improves willpower,Even in situations where people have experienced the effects of ego depletion.

Practice using self-control. While your control might become depleted in the short-term, regularly engaging in behaviors that require you to exert self-control will improve your willpower over time.

Think of it as a muscle, while hard work may exhaust the muscle in the short-term, the muscle will grow stronger over time as you continue to work it.

Try focusing on one goal at a time. Setting a lot of goals at once is usually an ineffective approach. Depleting your willpower in one area can reduce effects in others areas. It is best to choose one specific goal and focus your energy on it.

Once you turn the behaviors needed to reach a goal into habits, you will not need to devote as much effort toward maintaining them.

You can then use your resources to achieve other goals.