Jupiter Retrograde 2019 – Soul Discovery

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde started on 9th April 2019 , this beautiful transit will inspire us to explore unknown territory, and ultimately expand our horizons.

The reverse movement of Jupiter is an optical illusion from our view from planet Earth.

On that note, Jupiter retrograde will simply elongate the revelation process.

Hence this is an excellent time for soul searching, and personal development.

  • It is a time for us to go back and look over the messages Jupiter has brought our way.
  • Time go back and look over the past to ensure that we haven’t forgotten any gifts that Jupiter may have been offering to us.
  • Jupiter retrograde is also a time to open ourselves to the possibilities around us and to surrender our expectations.
  • Time for us to do some digging and to look over past events from a new mindset.
  • Time to revisit painful events from our past and work on it.
  • Jupiter will guide us to see the positives and to perhaps notice something we didn’t before.
  • It is so important to take time out to rest, recharge , and relax.
  • There is an area of your life that you have been lazy with, Jupiter Retrograde may encourage you to take action.
  • Reminds us that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it yet.

It inspires us to look back over our lives to find the silver linings and appreciate them.

Jupiter Retrograde teaches us to take nothing for granted and be appreciative of every lesson, pitfall, and obstacle.

This retrograde is a period to develop unwavering faith in your journey and understand what that adventure truly means. It means being grateful for everything.