Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 7th July

Mercury Retrograde,Here comes another round of Mercury madness! This Mercury retrograde begins on 7th July ,Sunday in fire sign Leo, which can create some serious drama and theatricality.

We can turn mountains into molehills with Mercury retrograde in Leo, so we need to watch ourselves. Not cool to be so desperate for attention that you go crazy over nothing! If you’re feeling like you need attention, maybe ask yourself why that is.

Stay Alert !

Leo is the sign ruling love, so we may feel we need more love and affection. This isn’t necessarily bad, as long as we’re controlling ourselves (and not looking for love in all of the wrong places!). Be good and considerate of others.

Who and what we love comes under Leo’s domain, so we may want more time with loved ones or experience issues in love relationships, and we may want more time to play and do the things we love, or may feel that we just don’t have enough time for it and keep wishing for a vacay.

Mercury Retrograde will get further Intense !

Mercury doesn’t retrograde entirely in Leo though, going back into watery sign Cancer on July 19th (3:06 AM ET). This can bring out super emotional energy, and we need to take care of our emotional needs.

Comfort and support, familiarity and what we know best can be more important, and we may stick to that as much as we can, yet feel like the outside world is trying to push us away from that, and it makes us feel even more shaky internally.

Try not to lash out, and have healthy outlets for your emotions, and be more flexible in life.

We may feel that something bottoms out around this time.

We may have more issues at home or with family to address, and can reconnect with family or make improvements to our living situations, or go back to places we’ve lived before.

Drive Carefully in Mercury Retrograde

I’ll be honest, I’m not super liking the energy of this retrograde at all! I’m very concerned about accidents and violence.

So ,Stay Alert and Stay Conscious.

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