Corona virus astrology


Astrology can help us know more about Corona Virus transit. First, this Virus is brought to us by Planet Pluto (The ruler of Zodiac Scorpio), a powerful planet that deals with huge financial matters, masses of people,occult science, hidden secrets, viruses & diseases.

This year, Pluto in Capricorn will be transiting in conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is known to magnify everything it touches, whether that brings more good fortune or more bad stuff or disease depending on its condition. In other words, Jupiter multiplies what Pluto reveals and uncover.

The scientists say that our misuse of the earth’s resources and lack of proper care of our planet have led to an imbalance that encourages deadly viruses to surface. They also say that we were due for a pandemic, as it has been a little over 100 years that we have seen one this big, and that one, which is the closest type virus to Corona Virus, was the Spanish Influenza of 1918.

2nd December 2019 Jupiter entered Capricorn, where it met Saturn and Pluto. They are slow-moving planets, with Saturn and Jupiter being social planets and Pluto being a generational planet. What makes this year’s orbit of Jupiter and Pluto different is that Saturn, the planet of karma, will orbit with them both all year in a highly unusual three-some tight orbit.

31st March – 1st April 2020

Fear and anger will be intensified during this time as isolation begins to take a huge toll on us. Because this is one of the most destructive aspects of the year, it could represent one of the darkest moments during this pandemic.

4th – 5th April 2020

As a result of this pandemic, this conjunction will begin a big shift in the financial and governmental spheres as we try to manage the current radical changes of our time by growing and rebuilding. However, a lot of these changes will be hidden and happening below the surface.

14th -15th April – (Sun in Aries aspects Pluto in Capricorn)

These 2 days are bound to be filled with conflict and extreme anger or frustration as the sun increases our need to be in control, bringing moments of crisis and exposing the deep psychological issues the pandemic is creating. This aspect also represents that point in time in which many of us will realize this pandemic will eventually bring us to that very much needed collective rebirth.

Astrology & Corona Virus, When can we expect changes ?

Both Saturn and Pluto, the seed planters of the virus, begin to lose power as they begin their long retrogrades, so it would make sense that during this time, life will slowly begin to go back to normal. Jupiter going retrograde also means the virus will begin to be contained around the world—at least for now.

Pluto Retrograde – 25th April

Jupiter Retrograde -14th May

Saturn Retrograde – 10th May

30th June (Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Retrograde )

The social and economic changes brought by the Corona virus pandemic begin to take shape as all kinds of industries and businesses begin to shift and adapt in order to survive and thrive.

4th August – (Mars aspects Jupiter) & 13th August (Mars aspect Pluto) , 24th August (Mars Apects Saturn)

With Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune retrograde, the focus will be taken away from the pandemic during the summer.The entire month of August will be focused on adapting to the changes it had brought us.

4th October (Pluto goes direct in Capricorn) & 9th October (Mars square Pluto)

Out of nowhere, new Corona virus cases could emerge again once Pluto’s destructive powers are, once again, reawaken. This aspect could also coincide with intense sociopolitical changes, power struggles, and confrontations around the world.

12th November (Jupiter conjunct Pluto)

We can now see how entire blocks of industries are disappearing in favor of more progressive, sustainable ones. Millionaires will be the result of this last of three conjunctions as we begin to embrace a brand-new beginning, the age of Aquarius.

21st December (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius)

By far the most important aspect of the year, this “great conjunction” promises that in the next few months, we will be able to develop an effective new vaccine and treatment to kill Corona virus for once and for all. This astrological event marks the official beginning of a new awakening for humanity.

Astrology & Corona Virus