How Astrology Can Help You

In this article, I have explained how astrology can help you transform your life good. We know we are not controlled by the planets, but the planets do give us some kind of lessons and rewards in their own transits.

You must have heard people saying,  “Saturn (Shanni) is the cause of my suffering”. People also blame “Sade-sati” and “Dhaiya” for all sufferings. Saying or thinking such things will only persist your problems further. Hardly 2% of people know, sade-sati and dhaiya are the best phases of life to achieve the success. One should know how utilize all these transits of planets. No planet planet wants to give you suffering,whether its Shanni (saturn), Mangal (Mars) or Surya (Sun). All planets have their own purpose. They are backed by universe’s infinite intelligence, therefore your mind games won’t work to by-pass its malefic effects. The only way to survive these energies is to co-operate with them.

How Astrology can help

As I said, they are backed by infinite intelligence, and we are too. If both of us work together without resistance, these energy balls can actually reward you with the great success.

At other times, they help us to see Toxic or even self-destructive behavior of ourselves that we may have never noticed.

When you know you’re due for some good fortune, you will have time to prepare so you can position yourself to benefit from it.

Astrology can help you transform your life

  • Astrology can reveal your own toxic behavior about which you may not be consciously aware and also gives direction on how you can fix it !
  • It can help you explore your secret talents you possess and provide you with the knowledge on how to best develop them.
  • Astrology can help you in knowing upcoming auspicious and rewarding phases that are coming up and assist you in figuring out how to take maximum advantage of them before they fade.
  • Finally, astrology is an excellent means to find out the perfect timing for certain actions.

The beauty of Astrology is that it will help you to always be in complete control of your life !!

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