Jupiter Direct 2021

Jupiter, the planet responsible for everyone’s luck, their fortune, expansion, higher learnings and abundance is finally going direct after 4 months of apparent retrograde motion. The planet which majorly rules Faith and certainity in astrology went retrograde on 20th June 2021.

Every planet during it’s transit over any zodiac sign affects the energy of Earth as well as everyone who lives and exists here. This transit also has repercussions down on Earth and everyone on Earth.

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The Retrograde Journey

During the retrograde journey of Jupiter i.e 20th June 2021 till 18th October 2021, we have felt negative, clouded thoughts and the emotions of fear with uncertainty about future. Feeling of apathy is the most common theme of any Jupiter retrograde journey.

During the period from 20th June to 18th October 2021, one may have deliberately or undelibrately re-assessed its relationships, jobs, partnerships, future plans with respect to one’s personal freedom.

Jupiter Retrograde might have pushed one towards solitude so that one may re-assess and re-evaluate things without getting affected by the outer circumstances. Lack of optimism and low confidence is the driving force through which retrograde jupiter pushes you to go into solitutde.
Jupiter retrograde is also a time for channeling mental energy inward, reflecting, re-assesing and rethinking whatever it is we might have been focused over the past few months.

Many people might have started thinking what they are doing in life and where their life is heading towards. The theme of this Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius was personal freedom, expansion and future certainty.

Jupiter direct (18th Oct – 27th Dec 2021)

Jupiter continues its direct journey giving you a fresh perspective over the things you have been dealing with mentally or physically.
It may ask you to now apply whatever you have learned during this retrograde journey.
You may have to leave your old versions behind and start anew. This transit will teach you not to blame the Organisation, Spouse, Family or network circle for your suffering since you and only you are responsible for how you have formed conditional relationships in the past.

You may blame the world for whatever is happening to you, but ultimately your soul will finger it towards you only. Escapism will not help you. People treat you the way you treat yourself is the learning of this transit.


Jupiter retrograde taught you to be not dependent on the outer support for your confidence and certainty in future. Now Jupiter direct will give you all the outer support , but will ask you to rely on your personal power or freedom only to expand your awareness and confidence. You may take it as a test or preparation to become a better version of your self.