Horoscope 2022.After every dusk, dawn comes

Astrometry astrology brings Horoscope 2022 for all zodiac signs. 2022 is all about big changes and transformation.
This year jupiter transits pisces sign asking all of us to evolve our beliefs and what we think deeply about things, people, sceneries.
Jupiter is in water sign this year.
So, emotional break down, mental stress, anxiety and worrying about future are the common affects on many people from this transit.

For whole 2022, jupiter will keep giving us excessive worries to transform us. The transit would demand solitude from you, where you are either doing nothing or talking to yourself and introspecting your past and present.

Avoid watching too much of random stuff on internet. In your idle time if you are watching Netflix, Yt shorts or doing insta scrolling to soothe your mind or say distract yourself from all the worries, it might distract you for a while, but will not help you get over your ongoing issues.

Obsessive need to fulfil your materialistic or relationship desire would also be the point of excess worries.
Many would have to work on leaving there addictions, obsessions and attachments this year. Avoid obsessive and critical thinking about your pertaining matters, as it would not help. Sun joining jupiter on 19th feb till 21st March will amply the effects and many of us will be more sensitive.

Mercury Retrograde begins

Be-aware about the Mercury retrograde in gemini from 10th May till 3rd June 2022.
It may create lot of confusions, bringing the old thinking patterns to come back.

But this mercury retrograde will be happening in 4th house from the transit jupiter, which means it may release lot of stagnant emotions through expressing anger or emotional break down. Avoid gossips, criticism, and random talks which has no purpose for your growth.

Another Mercury retrograde starts in Libra sign on 9th September and ends up on 2nd october. This retrograde will affect the relationships at all level, whether its  spouse, friends, office colleages and business partners. Be aware and mindful about how you communicate with other person. In 2022, Saturn helps you to achieve your desires, filtering your professional and friends network circle. So, if people leave you or you leave them, let it be and dont try to retain people in your life.

Horoscope 2022 for all zodiac signs

Horoscope 2022 for Aries

2022 is about transformation for you, its a  death of your old personality and a re-birth of new Avtar. Its a painful process only if you resist the upcoming change in your life.
Let the sensitivity and pain be there, and focus more on your present moment.
Dont over do things just because you can do. Set limits for everything you do in excess. Work on your material security but dont become to attached to the desires that you lose the joy in life.Aries is a sign of soldier with self control and discipline.Old patterns, habits, people and addictions will keep your mind clouded. You will be more sensitive this year. This is the best year to let go what you are addicted to, be it a person, memories, drugs, alcohal It is a high time to keep your energy inward by avoid watching Netflix or social media and sit alone for sometime to feel the discomfort and boredome this year. People from the past can trigger reactions, sensitivity and frustration deep inside you. You dont need to lower your energy to match someone’s. Be mindful and take charge of yourself.
Its a new beginning.

Horoscope 2022 for Tauras

Watch out for self indulgence. Dont get too comfortable and attached in relationships that you forget other areas of life. Self love is important but south node of Moon will keep triggering the old toxic patterns in relationships the moment you lose your worth. If you or your parter is insecure or trying to control one another, the relation will end dramatically no matter how hard you try to save or retain it. Good year for finances but dont abuse money for power and possessions to boost ego. Take care of your health and avoid over eating. This year will bring you close to your desires through help of friends or network circle. Wishes may come true, your creativity is high and the manifestation of your desires will keep you on high energy.
Relations weather personal or professional will demand more discipline and balance from your side. Welcome and be grateful for the energy entering in your life.

Horoscope 2022 for Gemini

Jupiter in 2022 will help you in changing your profession or career stats and keep your focus on your career, existance, social status. North node demands lot of self work on emotional level. Avoid being attached to things which comforts you. Dont spend hours watching Netflix or instagram scrolling as it may soothe you temporarily,but will affect negatively in long term.

Dont be too critical about anything, let the course take its own time. practice patience.

A deep sense of fear will be there through out the year if you dont practice relaxation or meditation. Sometimes,there may not be a particular reason for fear, but it may trigger frustration. Work on changing your mindset and old beliefs which you are stubborn about.Good time to practice faith by keeping God first wherever you go and whatever you do. You need to stop controlling the events happening around you. You have to realise that overthinking about the things will not give you clearity.
Get comfortable with the uncertainity about future prospects and go with the flow. Become OK with the uncertainity in your life.
21st March onwards, your focus will come on your desires and Goals. Be aware of Mercury retrograde happening in your sign starting from 10th may till 3rd june and on libra from 9th september till 2nd october, it may create lot of confusions as it may bring old thinking patterns back. Be patients and utter every word from your month mindfully, its not restricting your freedom but restricting your old toxic habits to come back. Avoid gossiping about friends and co-workers as it will get you into a deep trouble affecting your career, social status and relations.

Horoscope 2022 for Cancer

This year is about working on your desires and goals with full faith. Avoid getting comfortable or attached to your friends circle as you may attract cunning friends who you may feel are either wasting your precious time or distracting you from your goals. This year may trigger fear about future uncertainty, but if you practice getting comfortable with uncertainty, luck will shine bright and get you out of stagnant and turbulant situation. Relationships will go through ups and downs like a roller coaster ride. Time to work on yourself. Mercury retrograde of May/June and September/October will demand self intropsection, balance and control over your emotions. Avoid flings or one night stands if you get the urge of it.
Discipline and self control is the demand of Saturn in 2022.
Its a new birth. Pay close attention to your present moment. Its full of signs and messages from the universe.
Do not worry too much by assuming things by your own.

Horoscope 2022 for Leo

This year is all about relationships whether its abouy family,spouse, friends and co-workers. People who have been thinking to start or join a new venture should pull there socks ups and act. Its an amazing year for career expansion. This year will demand lot of your time to give you a new identity in the society. Say big NO to procrastination. Mental laziness and procrastination can cost you losing thr biggest opportunity coming after almost 30 years.Transiting saturn this year will make you face and feel your deepest fears and insecurities handling the relations with family,co-workers, spouse and loved one’s and teach you how to form relationship with different people effortlessly, expect little mental turbulance while the lesson is going on, every person you meet this year is teaching you something.

Horoscope 2022 for Virgo

Watch out for thinking too obsessively about future needs and desires. Having a desires is good, but worrying and stressing about them most of the time is of no use.This year, jupiter will teach why you form balanced relationships and not attachments based on your needs and attachments . Its time to let go the old ways through which you handle relationships, Virgo is the critic of the zodiacs. It may be easy to assume what you are not getting in relationship,but this year jupiter will ask you to reflect back and show you what you are offering and sharing in any relationship. Saturn is asking you not to take too much stress about your work and let things happen with its own pace.

Horoscope 2022 for Libra

You are becoming curious and thinking deeply about the unknown subjects. This year your perspective about things will transform deeply. You will see that what you used to think earlier about things was not a complete truth. You may try to think deeply about life and most importantly what value you are offering in relationships. 2022 may highlight your sensitive side on seeing the people or environment around you. You are becoming empathetic towards animals and environment. If you feel you are not earning and receiving enough money for your desires, then surely, you relationship with money is not good, Work on it !
Saturn is demanding you to takecare of your self respect and confidence among your partner, family or friends.
Jupiter, this year wants to change your current profession or role in the organisation. Be patient and dont rush.

Horoscope 2022 for Scorpio

This year will ask you to focus on your relationships, especially the married couples and business partners. Watch out for cheaters ! You must give in order to receive in relationships. How much time you are spending together what value do you give to each other is what matters to survive this transit. If you thinking you are not receiving the love you are expecting, you must introspect what are you giving in this relationship. Your spouse or a lover may demand more time from you. You will enjoy the attention you are getting this year weather at work place or in network circle.You are more sensitive to your suppresed emotions and may want to express your emotional side. Your deeper  insecurities will come out, dont try to control others out of your deepest insecurities.

Horoscope 2022 for Sagittarius

This year is about bringing discipline in your routine and not to take your time for granted, work on your physical and mental health. You must start or join some sports activity. Jupiter is already helping you out in releasing any kind of resentment,hate, anger and guilt from the past and focus more on Today. You need to keep your focus on the present moment. Saturn is asking you not to get into useless conversations, gossips and people pleasing. You must improve not only your language speaking skills but also the way you communicate. Thinking is good, but getting attached to people or things for your emotional support or happiness is toxic this whole year. You may not need to lower your vibrations to match or save any relationship. Avoid gossip,criticism and unnecesaary talking,especially with friends.

Horoscope 2022 for Capricorn

2022 wants your attention on how do you present yourself in social gatherings or any one to one relation. You must spend more time in work instead of meeting or talking to toxic friends circle which reflect your past life. Gains from different sources can be seen this year. Thinking may become vague and difference of opinion with yourself can be frustrating. Your mind may wander into daydreaming mode this year. You may be inquisitive about what is going behind the curtains. Saturn wants you takecare of your self worth. Are you easily available for everyone ? If yes, then you will finally set boundaries and work on self worth. Money matters should be dealt consciously, expenditures must be disciplined to budget. Dont buy things,just because you can afford it but not really required at the moment. You may feel like starting a new venture with the motive of expanding wealth.

Horoscope 2022 for Aquarius

You are in the peak phase of heavy saturn transit. Saturn is about maturity,  serious business, patience, orderliness, discipline, system, structure and solid foundation.  Expect these qualities to be worked on during 2022. Saturn wants you to discipline yourself and put energy into meaningful things instead of random stuff.  Money is not a problem if you are not too attached to material security. Focus will also be on family needs. Relationships will reflect what you are. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Think before you speak as you may sound abrupt or too direct to the other person sometimes. Be patient and dont be too obsessed with your career or social status in society.

Horoscope 2022 for Pisces

This year is lucky for you, most of the things will happen by luck. Saturn and jupiter, both wants you to let go of attachments and false beliefs. You must get rid of attachments, addictions and toxic relations. You need to become little more strong emotionally and pro-actively let go of past. In order to get love from outside, you must learn to love yourself first. Avoid getting into relationship with people who reflect your past. If future scares you or you dont know where your life is heading, let it be and go with the flow. You must control the way you think. Too much worry and excess of thinking will not solve your future worries. Every cloud has a silver lining. Let uncertainity be there, and work on yourself.

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