April Horoscope 2022, time for some action !

April Horoscope 2022 is brought to you by astrometryastrology.com. April starts with Mercury and Sun in Aries. This means, we will be more direct and upfront in our approach. Our communication may be direct and we may sound blunt to others. April starts with Aries season where Sun is exalted and in highest power. Aries is a sign of courage, willpower and execution of plans. We will be more aggressive in our approach as we are supported with Sun in Aries. No matter what your Sun sign is, you will feel the hyper active energy of Aries Sun till 21st April.

On 5th April, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, resulting in resistance against authority. Mars and Saturn could also affect the on-going war of Russia and Ukraine adversely. We will also notice that our patience is getting tested and we want to take action rather then waiting for too long.

Venus, the planet of Love, Romance and Money is shifting to its most favourite sign Pisces on 6th April. Venus loves Pisces by default. Love and relationships in secret is more likely to happen. You may meet someone at some sort of medical institute or healing centre. Its a good time to let go of emotional baggage or heart breaks now. Interest in spiritual matters, yoga, or metaphysical can be seen in many people now. We are more romantic and empathetic towards others. Listening to Soothing or frequency music 432hz or 639hz can help you in healing relationships and your emotional state.

Neptune and Jupiter conjunction

We will also see conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces sign on 12th April which last happened in Year 1856. Pisces is a sign of intuition, creative imagination and Spiritual matters. Neptune and Jupiter, both are the ruling planets of Pisces. Therefore, It will be much easier for us to release any stagnant emotions as this conjunction helps in flowing the energy easily. April is a healing month, we will be seeing lot of patterns transforming with pace. Resistance to change can cause heavy emotional trauma and heart breaks. Lots of introspection will happen in April doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are. This transit can help you entering into portal of different dimensions if you meditate.

After the transits of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus, the final shift is of
Sun, which will shift on 21st April. Sun shifts to Taurus sign on 21st April and wants us to focus on Money matters, material security, family needs and self worth till 20th May.

April Horoscope 2022 for all zodiac sign.

April Horoscope 2022 for ARIES

You are in the spotlight. People want your attention and they want to see you. Enjoy the limelight but dont get overwhelmed by it. Avoid any conflict with your friends and network circle. Distracting yourself from inner disturbance by spending time with friends will not resolve the inner conflict. You are more romantic but don’t get indulged in addictions or old habits. Your focus will shift to your Money, Family, and self esteem from 21st April onwards.


Good time for solitude. Your past habits, addictions and thoughts can haunt you. Either you want to have deeper conversation with friends or just want to sit alone. Lots of introspection needs to be done. Avoid negative day dreaming which may happen very often. Romantic or sexual encounters can be seen from 6th April onwards. You may get into limelight after 21st April, focus on self love.


You may meet or get in touch with some old or new friends and network, personal and professional both. Avoid getting into conflicts from 4th to 6th April. You also want to work aggressively towards your goals and desires fulfillment. Positive changes can be seen in Career from 6th April onwards. Focus shifts to solitude and introspection from 21st April onwards, avoid spending too much of time with friends, social media or Netflix.
Utilize the energy of Sun by resting and doing nothing most of time after 21st April. Any sort of indulgence, attachments to things or people may give you a lesson.


Major focus is on Career and working on your goals. Mars and saturn conjunction demands you to work on self control and control over your bad habits (if any). You may sometimes get stuck in day dreaming or unusual thought trips. Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is asking you to let go of all futuristic fears. Focus on Meditation or building strong faith in God or universe from 6th April onwards. Too much of critical analysis about on-going or upcoming things will cause anxiety. Big changes are on cards after 21st April, be ready !

April Horoscope 2022 for LEO

Your ruling planet Sun is exalted this month till 21st April. You are shining bright. But are you still worrying about where future is heading? Have Faith ! Sun is highlighting your usual fears and asking you to burn them off with the power of Faith. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars can create turbulence in relationships and partnerships from 4th to 6th April. Don’t rebel unnecessarily, just because you can, try not to be reactive and let go of things or events which are triggering your emotions. You may form interest in knowing the secret affairs, Spiritual matters or studying hidden knowledge from 6th April onwards. Focus shifts to Career and work from 21st April.


Sun is bringing your focus on your deepest fears, things which you try to control out of insecurity. You must surrender in the matters where you feel emotional trauma is coming from. Saturn and Mars conjunction is keeping us busy at work. You must channelise this energy into work and health both. Romantic encounters or meeting someone special from 6th April onwards. Try not to form relationships based on attachments to avoid disappointments. Focus shifts to future from 21st April. Try not to think critically about your future as it may not help. You may to have work on refining your beliefs and perspectives. Don’t be stubborn about your old beliefs if change is required.


Your focus is on relationship in general, love life and business partnership (if any). Your approach may be straight forward and you may be quiet upfront in your approach. If someone is crossing your limits over self respect in this phase, advice is to set a fine boundary. Saturn conjunction with Mars is also teaching you to let go of the Ego which is not letting you evolve for better. 6th April onwards, you may join a new project or work. If you feel more empathetic in this phase, release the energy by serving the environment (Nature). Focus shifts to deep or secret matters of life after 21st April onwards. You may like to introspect your life and perspectives on a deeper level now.


Your focus is on your work, office environment and health now. You must not form any sort of attachment to your work or projects as it can affect you mentally. Mars and Saturn conjunction is demanding you to be more disciplined when dealing emotional matters. Anger burst out of frustration can be possible if you are too insecure about things or people. Good time for romance and creativity from 6th April onwards. Pleasant time to focus on your children needs (if any). 21st April onwards, focus shifts to relationships in general, love life and business partnerships (if any). You may get more awareness about your relationships.

April Horoscope 2022 for SAGITTARIUS

You are more expressive now and may want to express through communicating your issues. Self respect is more important to you now. You may want to practice detachment from people or things which affect your mood. Short trip is also on the cards. Anger outburst in relationships and partnerships may , avoid getting into arguements or heated debates.Distracting yourself from inner disturbance by spending time with friends will not resolve the inner conflict. Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will release loads of stagnant emotions. Therefore, don’t resist, if you feel like crying in solitude. Focus shifts at work, work environment and health after 21st April onwards.


Focus shifts to Home matters and your emotions, You may want to make few changes in your home. May buy new items for home decor or may decide to renovate. You are upfront and straightforward about what you feel now. Set budget for your finances, don’t abuse money over indulgence, toxic habits and addictions. Self control is the demand of the phase. Your mindset is transforming, therefore unusual thought trip and day dreaming is quiet normal this month. 21st April onwards, you must set strict boundaries with people who take you for granted and dont respect you and your opinion.focus


You are more expressive now, quiet upfront and direct in your speech. People may perceive you as too blunt or honest at this time. You are more active physically and want to bring discipline at your work and overall life. Money matters are no problem, but don’t indulge yourself into over eating or buying unnecessary things just to change your mood. Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is asking you to take care of self worth.
21st April onwards, focus shifts to home matters and your emotions, You may want to make few changes in your home. You may buy new things for yourself or your house.


Your focus is on your wealth, family and self worth now. You must let go of habit of buying gadgets or things to make yourself feel happy. You are spiritually evolving. Meditation or relaxation is must in this phase of Jupiter and Neptune conjunction at your sign.  6th April onwards, your focus shifts on self care and you may hit gym or salon to look good. 21st April onwards, you are more expressive about your emotions and relationships. Avoid getting into gossips or people pleasing.

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