May 2022 horoscope, Time to chase your dreams

May 2022 Horoscope is brought to you by Astrometry Astrology. May is full of enthusiasm and action. Loads of planetary shifts are happening in May 2022. So, pull up your socks and get ready for some action.

On 2nd May, Venus the planet of love, romance and wealth enters Aries sign which is full of action, passion and lot of impulse. We are more expressive and direct in approach when it comes to love, relationships and partnerships. We either want to end the relationship or have a fresh start with more enthusiasm. You may be very much straight forward in your needs now. The other person may find us too blunt or rude, so think before doing or saying something. Self love and spending more time with our needs is more important. We may do something new with our looks, a haircut or hitting a salon or gym to rejuvenate our body.

Jupiter in Aries, May Horoscope 2022

Biggest change of May 2022 horoscope happens when Jupiter enters Aries on 10th May after almost 11 years. We are more passionate with our goals and projects. Jupiter is delivering energy of optimism and faith in us. We are energetic and fired up to chase our goals and dreams. We must start working towards our dreams and let go of any comfort which is holding us back. As jupiter is considered to be a Guru. We will be meeting Gurus or mentors in our life to helps us. Many job seekers shall receive work oppurtunities if you do what you are supposed to do. We will be more optimistic now and not afraid to explore new territories of life. Jupiter in Aries is full of adventure and thrill. Adventurous trips to mountain may feel tireless now, as we are full of energy and want to release the energy through action and activities in different areas of our life

Mercury Retrograde May 2022

May 2022 Horoscope is full of surprises. On the same day i.e 10th May, Mercury is going retrograde which may cause confusions in our thought process as well as in real life. Mercury retrograde is known for creating confusions, conflicts and miscommunication. We may experience electronics and automotive getting malfunctioned, clerical mistakes in sending emails, arguements on petty things. This time Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini sign and in the retrograde it enters Taurus sign by 22nd May. I would not call it an auspicious phase to start anything new.

15th May is the day of Lunar eclipse which is happening on Scorpio sign, asking us all to transform our relationships and let go of any attachments which is not serving us. Controlling the relationship will not help you to get rid of your petty insecurities. You may have power struggle if you try to control your partner or the circumstances through mind games and manipulations.

Sun enters Gemini May 2022 horoscope

Sun enters Gemini on 20th May, which calls for some fun and bring out the inner child, but be careful since Mercury is retrograde, hold your tounge and avoid getting into any office and family politics.
Constant criticism and gossiping may put you on a low vibration.
Getting into unnecessary conversation may defame you or you may lose your self worth or image in public, office or society.

Then, on 22nd May, Mercury which is going retrograde enters Taurus sign which may demand us to slow down and introspect deeply the particular section of your life where it is happening in your birth chart. Pleasure is good, but we must learn to set a limit for it. Avoid self indulgent attitude, for example Social Media scrolling, fast food or over eating, excessive drinking, gossiping and spending most of your day on screen whether on TV or Mobile. So check your screen time on your handset and put a limit to it.

Mars joins Jupiter 2022

Mars enters Aries on 24th May. Jupiter, the planet of Faith, luck and optimism already entered the Aries sign on 10th May. So, if you have not started getting fired up by now, you should see the circumstances pushing you to work towards your goals and dreams. Mars in Aries demands lot of self control as the energy of Aries is very scattered and direct. We must channelise this firey energy into something productive by working on our goals rather than wasting it on ego boosting and being reactive on almost everything. Develop a control on your urges in almost all aspects of your life.

Venus in Taurus

On 28th of May, Venus enters Taurus sign. Time to enjoy some healthy food for better nourishment, a good wine with family, partner and a good time to enjoy the luxury and spend money on buying assets for your home and personal needs. Good time to attract money through manifestation process. Utilise this time to attract more money into your experience with right decisions. Venus in Taurus also brings romance in the air. Time to go out on sweet dates with your partner and love. Avoid getting into excessive pleasures like Social media scrolling, alcohol, drugs, over eating or talking and thinking about what people do. People pleasing and gossiping may put you on low vibration and the transit may not benefit you as it should be.

May ends with its last astrological transit on 30th May bringing New Moon. This New Moon in Gemini wants to give you clarity only if you slow down and introspect or meditate. Otherwise this New Moon may cloud you with thoughts of confusions and emotions of fear and sadness. You must align your thoughts with full intend as this may be little difficult.

To know how May 2022 Horoscope will affect you personally and how you can encash more benefits from it as per your birth chart, contact us.

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