Do Gemstones work ?

Do gemstones really work ? I don’t know what work are you expecting from gemstones. If it’s something you are going through in your life which you are not liking and you are purposely going to wear Neelam or pukhraj to nullify it’s so called malefic effects, then the answer is NO !

No gemstone, ritual or a particular pooja is going to help you and I am saying this according to my personal and my clients’ experiences, being an astrologer. Spirituality and meditation is a different thing.

Do Gemstones work ?

I know, many astrologers may not agree with me but it shouldn’t matter as it is just a perspective. All I am saying here is that if planets from million kms can affect the energy of earth, creatures living on earth, why can’t gemstones affect us ? Well, they do effect us positively and negatively. It affects our energy and some stones may soothe your anger or offer relaxation mentally. But don’t expect gemstones to handle your karma.

Planets are there to help you become a better person whether its in your business, relationships or money. Suffering starts when we refuse to transform due to our Ego or not getting out of mental comfort. Therefore, gemstones, just like water, sand, fire and air can effect us but can’t handle our lessons on its own.

How Gemstones work?

How gemstones work ?

All gemstones have different attributes. Depending on its compatibility and suitability as per the birth chart you may wear gemstones. Gemstones can magnify your energy field and can help you in handling the problems with the pinch of faith. Some people gain confidence and faith after wearing a gemstone, and some find peace.

But no gemstone is going to takecare of the action you will take. You just can’t expect to do nothing and expect gemstone to provide you a job or get you married or vanish all problems from your life.

If you really want to get out of the repetitive patterns of your life, you may have to introspect deeply. Your birth chart reveals all the practical actions one may take to survive any planetary alignment or transit.

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