Saturn retrograde 2022, time to recollect your blessings

Astrological phase, Saturn retrograde 2022 starts on 5th June and ends by 23rd October 2022.

What exactly Saturn retrograde is?

An apparent movement of Saturn moving backword due to the way, Saturn and Earth, orbit the Sun. Saturn in reality is not moving backward.

How it can affect us ?

In astrology, Saturn is a planet of karma.

I personally believe that Saturn is a planet which wants to reward us with Discipline, Orderliness, Structure, Patience and Career success.

Saturn retrograde 2022

Problems come when we don’t want to be disciplined and patient enough to handle situations.

We resist the blessings of Saturn by our own limiting beliefs, by not accepting the change, by not surrendering the unnecessary control over matters.

During its transit of 2.5 years, Saturn takes around 2-3 retrograde journies, in which instead of supplying the blessings, it starts preparing you to receive the blessings of Saturn in a better way. It starts preparing you by changing the scenarios and circumstances of your life. Saturn is a planet which rules self discipline, therefore demands self discipline within us.

Saturn retrograde makes all of us introspect the section of life where its transiting. e.g Marriage life, Job, Health, Court cases and Finances etc. During Saturn retrograde, we will be experiencing things moving slow, whether they are ongoing issues or matters, in general. The transit also infuses fear for future and material security.

Calmness and patience is the key. Rome was not built in one day, but they were laying bricks every hour. The transit prapares you to get rewards from Saturn itself during its direct movement (25th Oct 2022 onwards).

Saturn is the planet which also rules our Career, Social status and public image. It asks us to re-evaluate or re-consider the events which are happening in our life.

Effects of Saturn retrograde 2022 over all 12 signs.


Saturn is cleansing your network circle and trying to bless you with meaningful friends and network only. Don’t resist or hold too tight, if Saturn starts removing them from your life. Saturn retrograde 2022 is asking you not to be dependent on friends for seeking confidence and validation.


Saturn is asking you to be more patient in general and with your career matters. Slow and steady wins the race. You must discipline your emotions. Avoid pessimism.


Saturn retrograde 2022 is asking you have a strong faith in uncertainity. Saturn here, is teaching you to gain knowledge about things you are most feared, as lack of knowledge may cause unnecessary fear about almost everything and anything in life.


Saturn wants to bless you with Power and resilience. But, first Saturn wants you to surrender and do not try to control what is happening around, especially in the matters of family, relationships and Career.


You always attract who you are. Relationships may feel like a heavy task to you, because you consider it, a task or job too. Don’t look for emotional support when you want relationship. Keep it simple and avoid people or partner who is dramatizing the love.


Saturn is teaching you discpline in your work, health and total life style. You must let go that old way of doing things. Fresh routine and healthy habits are seeking you. Don’t resist !


Saturn is teaching you not to be dependent on friends and lover to gain confidence and depending upon them for your happiness, as it is toxic. You must have your own light, your own identity and individuality. You can’t just force a connection to feel good.


Saturn is helping you releasing the stagnant emotions. Self love is the demand of the transit. Things happening around you, whether in family or the world, can affect your mood sometimes. Surrender is the key !


Saturn may take out the people pleaser inside you, who is either talking unnecessarily to impress people & gain attention or else it may take out the inferiority complex issue which are suppressed deep inside you. Meaningful conversations only – Avoid indulgence in gossips or knowing what others are doing in life. Practicing silence and mindfulness can give clarity in thoughts and actions. Worrying over things will only manifest more matters of worries. Saturn demands Faith !


Saturn teaches you to spend money on things wisely. Don’t use money for the purpose of controlling someone. Avoid emotional shopping. Apply discpline while dealing with your finances, family matters and your real self worth.


Maturity and seriousness is the result of this transit. whether its the way you talk or the way you form relations or tuning with people. Your public image is changing, people don’t see you as they used to perceive you before 2021. Be patient and avoid getting into unnecessary talking just to please someone. Overthinking may cause mood swings. Practice relaxing your mind with silence periodically.


Saturn retrograde 2022 wants you to let go of past or things which are making you depressed. It may remove toxic people or network from your life. Its not an easy phase, as Saturn is removing your limiting beliefs which may cause discomfort to you. Belief only forms your identity and personality. So, in a way it is changing your identity from within. Frustration and anger outburst are the result of this transit.

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