Can I change my predictions in astrology?

Astrology is not actually a future predicting tool, but a life pattern predicting tool. Yes, you can change your predictions in astrology. Astrology is misunderstood by almost 98% world population because of the unawareness about what astrology exactly is.

Planets and asteroids in the universe basically define your general personality, karma and purpose in this life. It does help in knowing what you have to do in particular planetary transit rather getting affected by it due to ignorance.

For example, Saturn in astrology is famous for its malefic effects, but hardly 1% of world population know the purpose of Saturn. Saturn in its hard phases like ‘Sade-sati’ and ‘dhaiya’ is actually giving you difficult experience because it wants to bless you with maturity, discipline and patience in life. But when you are unaware about this knowledge, you will keep wondering what exactly is happening to your life and why things are going upside down.

All planets in astrology have different purpose whether in their transits or placements during your birth date, time and location.

Planetary placement during your birth defines who you are and how you are going to be like and your purpose on earth. Planets in transit are basically teaching you to become a better version of yourself so that you attract better experiences in life.

Astrology is not about future predictions, it is rather a blueprint of your personality and purpose. Who you are and what you have to become. Astrology is a roadmap of your life.

How can I change my predictions in astrology ?

Of course, you may change any predictions in astrology by an astrologer. What happens exactly is, astrologer see certain alignments in your birth chart and tell you about particular ‘dosha’ or you can say ‘faults’. Those ‘faults’ due to native’s past karma will create problems. Now, those alignments also set a purpose and task which a natives must do to avoid the malefic effects of particular ‘dosha’.

Problems come when a native is either not aware or doesn’t want to change the parts of his personality as he or she finds it difficult to do that. Let’s take an example of Mars in the cancer sign or 4th house is a debilitated position for Mars. It is a belief that the people with this particular placement will have emotional aggression, lower sex drive, weak willed and many more effects.

But, the actual purpose of this placement is that the natives with Mars in the 4th house have to nurture their emotions. 4th house is the section of emotional health and family (parents).

Planet Mars is the planet of will, aggression and action. Therefore, Mars in the 4th house is asking the native to be more conscious about their emotional health and practice some sort of ritual or breath work to release the stagnant emotions. The native is to aggressively work on releasing the negative emotions which causes anger and will fully replace them with positive emotions.

Astrology predicts only life situational patterns

Your actions are based on your will. No astrologer can predict your actions and free will. But, astrology can surely predict the life patterns you are going to have for next couple of days, months and years. Patterns could be like, career may demand changes, old ways of handling problems and relationships may require upgrade. Problems and sufferings come when we are comfortable with our old ways and do not want to upgrade. Predictions in astrology are based on planetary transits and “dashas”, and can be changed through freewill and breaking the compulsive thoughts and actions.

It is true that what you think, you manifest. So, what is the role of planets in astrology ? See it this way that they are there to prepare you for the best version of yourself. Once you learn to co-operate with energy of each planet in its various transits, you can change any prediction in astrology.

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