Does astrology really work ?

Astrology does work, doesn’t matter you believe in astrology or not, universe is doing its role. Some people till certain age do not believe in these energies and keep labelling it as pseudoscience. It doesn’t bother planets or universe because you have chosen not to believe in these energies, it is your freewill.

It is good to be practical, but sometimes logics fail when your life is going upside down for no exact reason. The harder you try to fix your issues, worsen they get. The egoic mind keep blaming the external environment or people for the cause of their suffering. But the truth is, you are unconsciously choosing it all because you have become too practical and trying to get the life through manipulation and fighting matter to matter. You become control freak at certain points of life and then you finally seek liberation and detachment from the people or problems.

Rejecting any new knowledge or belief is considered as intolerance to new knowledge or belief. You can’t reject any knowledge without knowing it deeply. It is unfair and ignorance of the highest level.

Similarly, people who do not believe in God simply because for them God is supposed to do what they think He should be doing. God should be visible, He should magically fix up everything in their lives and whatever wrong is happening in the world if He exists, or that powerful. Due to the ignorance only, people suffer.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you do not believe in astral knowledge or astrology, it is working and doing its role perfectly.

Many people think astrology doesn’t decide their future, the present decides the future. It is true and astrology can help you in improving your present and hence, future. Universe is working all the time, giving you lessons like a strict teacher or boss and blessing you like a compassionate mother. Astrology does work as a knowledge you can use to understand things in a better way. But, you don’t need to have passive belief in astrology. When you have a passive belief in astrology, your life is not deliberate and hence ruled by collective consciousness or mind only. Therefore, everything would depend upon your actions (karma).

Use astrology as tool to know what exactly is happening in your life, what is your highest purpose, what time is teaching now and how to improve your life situations.

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