Mars in Gemini 2022 (20th August 2022 – 25th March 2023)

Mars is the planet of action, aggression, war and will. Usually, Mars in its transits stay in one sign for approximately 8 weeks. This year, Mars will stay in Gemini sign for extensive 7 months. It is a lot of time !

Gemini is mainly the sign of communication, handwork, daily news, current affairs and social media. Mars enters Gemini on 20th August 2022. It powers up our mind to think more than normal.

Gemini also rules our intellectual mind and causes a thirst to think more to know the truth. Therefore, in this transit of Mars in Gemini 2022, we want more mental stimulation because our capacity of analysing is increased.

We want to think more, watch more and study more to channelise this energy.

If you have an urge to watch more content on internet, indulging in knowing the ongoing controversies, thirst to know the latest gossip on social media or news channels, binging on social media for no good reason but only pleasure, then you are then wasting the energy of this transit.

Gemini is a scattered energy and Mars may confuse you further if we do not utilise the phase in a right way. Mars in Gemini wants us to discipline our mind to watch and think only the things which are useful for our mental growth and avoiding the trivia.

Mars retrograde in Gemini (30th October – 12th January 2023)

Mars goes retrograde in Gemini on 30th October 2022 and stays retrograde till 12th January 2023. In its retrograde journey, we may experience following effects:-

  • Confusion in mind
  • Lack of concentration
  • We may get into unnecessary arguments and debates
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Lower libido may affect our sex drive
  • fatigue
  • Some of us may not have control over slipping tongues
  • We may not feel satisfied and fully content
  • Overthinking

When any planet goes retrograde, the energy of the planet becomes inward, which means, if Mars is retrograding in Gemini sign, it directs us to inward energy of thinking into self talk. Positive self talk can help us get over this phase much more easily rather making us the victim of this retrograde.

Instead of thinking about the worldly events, we must channelise this energy into self talk and introspection to improve our mental health.

Mars direct in Gemini (13th January – 25th March 2023)

After the completion of its retrograde, Mars goes direct into its motion in Gemini sign on 13th January 2023 finishing its 7 months transit.

Retrograde phase gives us clarification and direct phase gives us the power to assert the change. After 75 days of retrograde journey of Mars in Gemini.

Following are the effects of Mars direct journey till 25th March 2023 on us.

  • Increased focus
  • Clarity
  • Improved communication
  • Better concentration
  • Improved thinking ability
  • Improvement in mental health
  • New approach in dealing with things and relationships
  • Change in Profession
  • Better control over your thoughts

After the completion of Mars retrograde journey, the planet finally leaves Gemini sign on 26th March 2023 and leaves everyone with a major transformation on a intellectual level.

The purpose of this transit is to re-assess our thought patterns, identify them and make changes through discipline, persistence and faith. If your thoughts are mostly about future with the emotion of fear, this transit may ask you to re-assess them through deep introspection. During this whole transit of Mars in Gemini, if you feel confused, fearful, and hopeless, consider it a part of the process and have patience to let this phase pass by instead of getting clouded by vague thoughts.

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