Mercury retrograde September 2022

Mercury retrograde is back! Mercury is the planet that majorly rules communication in astrology. It goes into retrograde motion on September 9, 2022, and remain in that motion till October 1, 2022. During Mercury retrograde, the planet appears to move in a backward direction from west to east. Mercury retrograde September 2022 is powered by Mars (the planet of aggression, action and will) and Sun.

Every planet during its transit over any zodiac sign affects the energy of Earth as well as everyone who lives and exists on earth. This transit also has repercussions on everyone. During this time of apparent backward movement, Mercury tends to disrupt travel, communication and technology.

This is the last Mercury retrograde of year 2022 which occurs three times a year. So, watch out for this 21 days transit which can affect negatively if you act with ignorance.

This time Mercury retrograde starts its apparent backward journey on September 9, 2022 from Libra and ends in the zodiac Virgo on October 1, 2022. The zodiac Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury is captured by Mars and Sun. So, this mercury retrograde is going to reprogram the minds of masses.

It is a good time for channelizing inward mental energy, reflecting, re-assessing, and rethinking whatever we’ve been focusing over the past few months. The theme of this Mercury retrograde will be communication and relationships.

How Mercury retrograde September 2022 affects each sign ?

Mercury retrograde September 2022 is happening on sign Libra/Virgo. It doesn’t mean that only these 2 signs would get affected. It simply means that this mercury retrograde September 2022 is going to affect all zodiac signs.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

This retrograde will put more emphasis on your relationship, the way you put up yourself in a relationship, and the balance you maintain to improve the bondings, whether it’s a business partnership or personal relationships bonding. This retrograde will demand patience, calmness, and balance in any sort of one-to-one relationship. Your mental energy is high so, do not indulge in gossiping, criticizing and taking interest in controversies. Don’t rush in to accept any offer or take any opportunity. Re-assess the offer letter or business proposal before you receive or renew any agreement.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

This transit is asking you to make changes in your everyday routine, health, your diet and the way you deal with the world. Mercury retrograde September 2022 may test your self respect and worth in relationships. The transit puts more emphasis on the value you give to yourself in this world. Mercury retrograde will make changes in your perspective about the world. Be mindful while dealing with your family and loved ones.

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

This transit will demand you to focus on self-love and care. The spotlight is on you, positive or negative. It depends on the perception that people get about you. This mercury retrograde with Mars in your sign is giving you lot of mental energy if used correctly. You may feel light and energetic if you maintain positive mental attitude. This transit may affect your emotional health if you indulge into gossips, criticizing and taking interest in controversies. The lesson is not to please anyone, but respect yourself and others too.

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

This transit will put more emphasis on your emotions. Thoughts you think and things you imagine will affect your emotional health. This mercury retrograde will also make you face your fears and get over these. The things which affect your emotions will translate into your experience with evident repetitive patterns. Be mindful of your thoughts and avoid unnecessary talkings. Your suppressed emotions will be highlighted this month. Focus on solitude !

Leo (July 23–August 22)

This transit can make you filter your friends circle and put more emphasis on your worth. Old friends could also pop up, hoping to catch up for discussions. Your time and energy are valuable, use it wisely. You must hold your tongue and avoid unnecessary talking as you may loose your self respect. By end of this transit you will understand that talking unnecessarily has hampered your self respect and image.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

The messenger planet, Mercury moves backward through your section of income, which means you may feel compelled to think about your finances. Maybe, you’re ready to re-assess and update your resume so you can score a higher-paying, more fulfilling opportunity or you want to rework your long-term savings or debt plan. You may seek advancement and growth in your career. Do not worry too much about what your colleagues, friends and society think about you. Your focus should be in your public image and your existence in the world.

Libra (September 23–October 23)

This phase will make you focus more on yourself and your mental health. How people see you or perceive you may affect you. Big goals could also be a primary focus now. Worrying about future will not solve any of your problems. Stressing about goals will serve any purpose for you. Mental health should be the top most priority in this transit. Letting go of the old ways of doing things is the learning of this Mercury retrograde.

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

This transit in general is a time for resting, recharging, and getting in tune with your intuition. You need to take a back seat for a month and surrender to anything you feel like fixing. Controlling things unnecessarily will be a futile struggle. Mercury retrograde September 2022 may be a slower phase in which you could get bit frustrated. It may be a time to renew your insurances or any debt you may have to clear.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Planet mercury moves backward through the section of your network circle for the next three weeks, making it more likely that old friends, colleagues, people you met suddenly reappear. They might want to collaborate or talk about shared long-term goals that could be achieved through team work . Although you’re usually all about throwing yourself into an exciting opportunity with lots of optimism and joy, Mercury retrograde will always cause at least a bit of chaos and confusion. Be sure you’re not signing yourself up for a commitment that looks and sounds better than it actually is. Balanced communication and approach while handling the relationships is required. Don’t sign any contract or get into any sort of partnership in this transit.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

You could be reassessing your professional goals and the strategies you’ve been using to achieve them. You also think of re-vamping your public image. If you take a slow, steady, and calculated approach, delays aren’t necessarily going to disappoint you. Thinking and staying in future will only give you anxiety and stress. You may think of changing your routine, diet plan and starting a workout plan. You are quite active physically. Be patient while dealing with everyday worldly problems.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Uncertainty and thinking too much about future can cause stress and anxiety. Watch out for unnecessary overthinking about future. Rather focus more on re-assessing your beliefs and be mindful of your thoughts. You may get interested in some sort of occult or higher knowledge. Mercury retrograde September 2022 makes you face your deepest fears with faith and optimism. Focus more on strengthening active faith rather thinking about tomorrow. Good time to rejuvenate your confidence and self respect while dealing with others. You may also be dealing with taxes, insurances and liquid gains.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

If you happen to get in touch with people from your past with a friendly gesture, then it’s ok. But the old urge of getting emotional support from someone you loved in the past may give you a big lesson. Do not even think of relying upon your spouse or partner for emotional support. Nobody is responsible for your sadness, but you. Self-control and self-nurturing are very important in this phase. If you repeat any mistake from your past, thinking that things might have changed or improved, then you will regret it by the end of this transit. Miscommunication and misunderstanding may cause anger and rage within you. Anything which affects your emotions may cause rage or anger deep inside. Don’t take things personally. Be mindful of your thoughts and meditate daily if possible.

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