What is the role of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in astrology acts as a strict teacher which wants discipline, orderliness and strong foundation in every aspect.

Saturn is disreputable for almost 98% people who are aware of astrology. This planet is known for its tough phases, punishments and delays in life situations.

God has given a very special role to this planet in astrology. Saturn takes around 30 years to complete its cycle of revolving around the Sun. It is a slow moving planet, therefore delays are normal to be foreseen. Delays in Career success, marriage manifestation and emotional suffering are few of the effects of Saturn’s hard transit.

Saturn’s role in astrology is to make us do things which we avoid out of fear and discomfort. Delays by Saturn has its own higher purpose and reasons. The planet of delays, Saturn also teaches the native to remain determined with goals and have patience.

Saturn doesn’t like superficial public image and relationships. Saturn is the disciplinary incharge of your life. This planet is rather a part of you which wants to discipline and restrict itself from things which are not for you. It is that part of you which wants to grow and have a solid foundation in the material world. But, that part is also fearful of taking actions or risks to rise high in life.

Consider Saturn as the God of material world, which wants you to work hard for all the material pleasures, but starts troubling you when you become too obsessed with materialism and abandon other aspects of life.

Purpose of Saturn in astrology

The purpose of Saturn in astrology is to teach us strong control over our emotions and non attachment to all material things in life. If you do not believe in God, Saturn may make you believe in God by throwing tough challenges in your life. If you are a faithful spiritual being, who practice spirituality, Saturn would bless you with all abundance without causing any trouble to the native.

Saturn would not even think of giving you hard lessons if you are a strong believer of God and truly faithful from inside.

Meditation and various spiritual practices give a strong focus to the native. Saturn loves this focus and control over the emotions and thoughts.

To summarise it in a very easy way, the purpose of Saturn in astrology is to direct us towards spirituality and non attachment with every materialistic thing. In return, Saturn blesses the native with material wealth and harmonious relations with everyone.

Purpose of Saturn in its transits is to spring cleanse various sections of your life e.g communication, relationship management, Career etc. This planet either rewards or give lessons to natives to become his best version.

Saturn doesn’t like short cuts and assert focus on hard work for strong foundation in long run. Natives, who tend to take short cut have to pay a heavy price to balance the karma.

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