Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026, Let us unlearn and learn anew.

Its not always objective which Saturn in Pisces demands to release or let go. It is more of subjective e.g Old belief system, old ways of doing things, poor habits, addictions and comfort etc. Saturn, the planet of boundaries, restrictions and discipline enters Pisces on March 7,2023 and will remain there till February, 2026 which is asking us all to let go of things which are not serving the purpose. This transit last happened in 1996-1998.

Saturn doesn’t hold a very kind reputation in study of astrology. In transit also, it is going to shift the paradigm of almost all beings. Masses may choose to transform themselves irrespective of their age. Many would take interest in spirituality, spiritual awakening, meditation, breathwork etc or may be learning reiki, tarot or astrology.

When Saturn enters Pisces, many people may start to have mental health issues or inertia. Since Pisces is a sign of other realm (the inner world or subconscious), Saturn here starts giving unusual fears and emotional discomfort to many people. If you feel like being alone for sometime in a day or month, welcome to Saturn in Pisces energy.

But why Saturn in Pisces is behaving like this ?

Saturn in Pisces behaves like this because it wants us to clear the stagnant emotions from the body and release any kind of unhealthy attachments to things, people or relationships. Therefore, if anybody resist this change by escaping through increasing screen time or making unnecessary trips and travelling to feel better will actually make things worse as it will only pile up emotions.

Saturn in Pisces wants you let go of dormant emotions from subconscious to make space for something good. Dormant or stagnant emotions get stuck in body and haunt the native time to time.

Mental and emotional health is priority for the masses otherwise Saturn may cause confusion, inertia, dilution and pessimism. With Saturn in Pisces, one has to be more mindful about mindless habits from scrolling, binge watching series and watching almost anything and everything.

Pisces is a sign of spirituality and mental health. Saturn here wants and help the masses to heal themselves in these areas.

How Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect me?

Lets say Saturn in Pisces is affecting the masses, but how is it going to affect each individual ? Because we are all different !

Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect every individual differently as per their birth chart.

Aries (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect the mental health of Aries. That doesn’t mean you will be depressed throughout the transit. But, it would ask you to let go of your attachments towards money, possessions, Job and unnecessary fears and focus on changing from within ! More mental rest would be required to Aries native to survive this 2.5 years of transit.

Taurus (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect the professional network, friend circle and business gains. Saturn would filter some toxic people from your friends and some sort of group network. Saturn wants serious business here by breaking the delusion of your wishes and desires and focus more on practical and achievable desires. It doesn’t want you to use your friends or they use you to escape from general life problems or stress. The transit will make you more mature and disciplined individual and push you to be more self controlled and confident from within.

Gemini (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect your Career, Social image and existence in the world. Saturn would want the Gemini natives not to try control too much of things which are not under your control. Saturn wants you to let go of unnecessary fear about dealings with people and how they see you or judge you. This transit will boost your career but with slow pace.

Cancer (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would affect the belief system of Cancer natives. General fears about future may sometimes haunt you for no particular reason. Most of these fears are superficial and mind’s creation. Manifestation of your wishes and desires want faith even in the peak of uncertainty. Saturn will change your outlook towards the world. It will not be the same as you perceived by end of this transit. There is a possibility of connecting with new networks from different places.

Leo (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 may give you power struggles in your Career, relationships and money matters only if you have a tendency to control things, people and circumstances. It is generally seen that in this phase a native tends to abandon or ignore relationships and focus all its attention in chasing money and power. Why it is like that? May be you are trying to control things your own way. Meditation and breath-work should become a part of routine to survive this transit.

Virgo (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 may show you the reality of your relationships. The superficial image you had formed earlier about others may change. Saturn here wants you to be more practical and balanced while dealing with the other persons or even your partner. You must take care of your self respect and form healthy boundaries in relationships and your dealings with other persons. It may release any kind of unhealthy attachments you have formed in a relationships.

Libra (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 wants Libra to have a particular routine to be followed and particularly health should be taken care of. Self discipline and control over emotions is important while dealing with worldly affairs. Emotional approach in dealing with day to day to work will not help. Practicality and organised routine is important. You may have to let go of emotional attachment towards your Comfort coming from comfortable routine. e.g comfortable job with no growth and future prospective.

Scorpio (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 is all about how you present yourself while dealing with other person whether it be a friend, life partner or business partner. Last 2.5 years have been emotionally draining, now is the time when you need to protect your self worth and self respect in a relationship. Scorpio may lose some of his friends in this transit as either natives leave them or they leave the native. This transit will teach you to say ‘NO’ when required as you may attract people who may be testing your worth again and again.

Sagittarius (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 demands you to release stagnant emotions associated with past fears and failures as they may haunt you often. Saturn will help you release these dormant emotions by activating your work and daily routine in a productive way. Just learn to feel good about yourself that how much value you hold in this world. Emotional issues may try to lower your worth. Watch out for it.

Capricorn (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 would want you to let go of the tendency of getting into gossips or talking and thinking about what others are doing or saying. Saturn being your ruling planet demands you to talk only when required so that you channelize the energy of your mind power. Talking more than required is usually a sign of inferiority complex and low self esteem. You lose your value when you are too much exposed like an open book. Their will be lot of unlearning (old beliefs) and re-learning (new ideas and beliefs) in this phase for Capricorns.

Aquarius (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 may affect your finances depending on your relationship with Money. If you are too attached to it, you will have hard time attracting money. If you are careless or waste money on non deserving people, their will be a resistance for money to come to you easily. Money comes easily to you only if you are non attached to it and use it efficiently and judiciously. You may filter your friends or they may leave you. Friendships may test your worth and teach you to say ‘NO’ when required. Also, be mindful of your words, these may offend the other person unintentionally. Saturn may release many kinds of emotional attachments towards money, material things and possessions. Approach money without much attachment to it.

Pisces (Sun, Moon or Rising sign)

This transit of Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 will give you maturity and seriousness. You may start to take life little more seriously. Saturn will transform your personality and image in the society. Avoid gossiping and unnecessary talks as your friends may invite you for the same. This transit may polish your career and give you a new image in the world.

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