Venus in Aries 2023 (Feb 20 – March 15, 2023)

As Venus enters Aries on February 20, 2023, we need to become more direct in our approach and expression. Venus is a planet which rules Love, romance, intimacy, wealth and your value system. How much value you give to relationships and your possessions depends on the placement of Venus in native’s birth chart.

But, here we are talking about Venus’s Aries transit which will last till March 15, 2023.

How Venus in Aries 2023 is going to affect us ?

When Venus enters Aries, we need to be more straightforward in our approach. Whether it is our approach or expression we should be to the point. One should take care of their expenses as this transit usually makes many people spend thrift, or one may not be mindful of their expenditure due to the high instinct energy. In 2023, transit Venus is in conjunction with transit Jupiter in Aries 2023.

Aries on a negative side is an impatient energy with quick temper and impulsive in decision making. One has to be mindful to attract the positive side of this sign. Venus in Aries 2023 is asking us to live in the moment and not dwell over the past or future, especially in the matters of relationships.

Being straightforward is good, but be more responsive and less reactive.

The transit of Venus in Aries 2023 is also about individuality and me first attitude. Neglecting the needs of others and focusing totally on your problems and needs could actually imbalance the relationship between business partners, friends and spouse. On the other side, over doing is equally dangerous as one may lose their value in the process of pleasing the other person. Venus in Aries is all about loving unconditionally without seeking validation or appreciation for whatever you are giving.

One may also wants to work on their body or looks to feel good about themselves. Whatever an individual is known for may hone that skill or trait to strengthen their existence in the world.

With the help of already going on Jupiter in Aries 2023 transit, Venus in Aries 2023 can be one of the most productive and rewarding phase if we channelize this energy efficiently.

How Venus in Aries 2023 will affect us individually ?


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Aries individuals to focus on :-

  • Self love and relationships.
  • Your looks and body.
  • Self esteem (How you feel about yourself)
  • Your public perception (How people see you as).
  • Individuality
  • Emotions of Confidence, Courage, Faith (or support) should be sought from within and not from someone or something.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Taurus individuals to focus on :-

  • Self worth (the value you give to yourself in general and in relationships)
  • letting go of unhealthy attachments.
  • Realising that nothing is more important than you and your mental health.
  • Working on mental as well as physical health.
  • Spirituality or studying metaphysical subjects.
  • Meditation


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Gemini individuals to focus on :-

  • Bonding with Friends, siblings and professional network circle.
  • Business gains and building network.
  • Working over your desire as they may manifest this year.
  • Studying or investing in stock market.
  • Humanitarian causes.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Cancer individuals to focus on :-

  • Strengthening social image.
  • Working proactively on aspirations and Goals.
  • Persistence in work.
  • Career advancement and level up in professional front.
  • Recognition in Job or business.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Leo individuals to focus on :-

  • Working on your higher version.
  • Developing strong and active faith system .
  • Consciously choosing faith over fear.
  • Improving relations with superiors or Gurus.
  • Attaining skills, studying higher knowledge or advancing yourself with new perspectives and opinions.
  • Adventurous or religious/spiritual trips.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Virgo individuals to focus on :-

  • Intimating relationships.
  • Seeking deeper connection with the loved ones.
  • Thinking and discussing deep emotional matters or taking interest in occult or topics which are not usually discussed.
  • What value do you add to other people’s life.
  • One may receive money from spouse, business partner or an undefined source.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Libra individuals to focus on :-

  • Balancing the relationship with spouse, partner or in general with others.
  • Business development may take place in associating with others.
  • Self love (if you love yourself, than only you attract love).
  • Avoid being too straightforward or upfront as you may sound rude to others.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Scorpio individuals to focus on :-

  • Becoming pro-active and charging up the routine with high energy.
  • Physical health and body.
  • Letting go of past relationship traumas.
  • Advancing Job or position in current Job.
  • Becoming more positive and less temperamental while dealing with worldly issues and general problems in daily routine.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Sagittarius individuals to focus on :-

  • Becoming more confident and loving yourself.
  • Embracing the inner child.
  • Re-initiating hobbies and activities which enhances creativity.
  • You are in the spotlight for next 2 month, you may attract love and attention from your lover or unknowns.
  • Focus on working over your creative side. You may wish to work diligently over something you have not been persistent about in the past.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Capricorn individuals to focus on :-

  • Emotional health.
  • Home environment and needs. You may buy something for yourself or your house.
  • Forming balance between work and mental health. Apart from work, take out time leisure and good time to nurture your emotions.
  • Work on overcoming your addictions which helps in escaping the emotional ups and downs.
  • Take out for solitude to know thyself.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Aquarius individuals to focus on :-

  • Being upfront in your approach without being rude.
  • Improving relations with family and superiors or mentors.
  • Social gatherings and friends meet ups are quiet common with this transit.
  • Gaining more knowledge about stock market or business gains.
  • Short or long trip is on the card.


This transit of Venus in Aries 2023 will help Pisces individuals to focus on :-

  • Self worth (You must value yourself more than anything or anyone). Don’t expect anyone to value you if you don’t value yourself.
  • Good time for monetary gains, but be cautious of being spend thrift. Do not buy anything or everything just to feel good.
  • Good time to resolve family issues and misunderstandings. Relations with siblings may improve.
  • Talk mindfully. Talking unnecessarily is a sign of inferiority complex and low self worth. Avoid indulging in gossips and meaningless conversations.
  • New opportunities are on the card.

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