Mars in Cancer 2023, nurture your emotions

Mars enters Cancer on March 25, 2023 and it wants you to nurture your emotional self till May 20, 2023.

Significance of Mars in Astrology is will, assertion, action and aggression. Mars in Greek mythology signifies the God of War i.e Ares. It holds the energy of warrior which directs our will to manifest our desires.

Cancer zodiac is the purest sign in astrology known for its motherly traits and emotional nurturing. I am not talking about particular people only who have Sun sign as Cancer. Consider Cancer zodiac as a zodiac carrying energy of emotions affecting every individual differently depending on their planetary positions in natal birth chart.

Now Mars is revolving in its orbit and reaches Cancer Zodiac on March 25,2023 and will stay there till May 20, 2023.

How Mars in Cancer 2023 is going to affect each zodiac differently.

Mars in Cancer 2023 for Aries

Mars may influence your emotions in a dramatic way. This transit may trigger your suppressed anger and cause emotional ups and downs out of fear. Your mood may swing very often in this phase. Jupiter is already transiting Aries working on the expansion and development of your overall personality. Be mindful of the thoughts which may trigger these dormant emotions. Do not even think of seeking complete emotional support from your partner as it may trigger control, jealousy and insecurity in a relationship, resulting your partner to feel claustrophobic.


Mars in Cancer 2023 will influence your intellect ability. Your thoughts may become clouded with emotions of past. You are quite vocal and upfront in your opinions, but be mindful of not taking decisions under emotional influence. This transit demands you to change your emotional mindset and feel good about everything in your life. If you are feeling low, you may not feel like working and may abandon your work for sometime. However, you must learn to feel good about yourself unconditionally.


This transit may increase your emotional expenditure. Constant pleasure and buying stuff just to feel good is a temporary relief, but these effects may not last for long. Mars transiting cancer demands you to value your emotions. Spending lavishly on friends and social gatherings is again an another escape from the emotional trauma. Feel it and release it rather pilling it over through escapism. Your self worth and self love play a very important role in your relationship.


Mars is transiting over your sign. Last seven months You have introspecting about your work and career. Time to take action and work proactively with courage over the things you have been planning since October 2022. It is also calling you to stay more confident about your abilities and practise self control instead of controlling people and scenarios.

Mars in Cancer 2023 for Leo

Mars hits your subconscious section in this transit. It wants you to adopt solitude very often for next 2 months for self nurturing and healing. Your suppressed or hidden fears may pop up and try to haunt you through vivid imaginations about past and future. Adopt self love and practise faith over fear. Worrying and stressing about future won’t help a bit.


You may want to have a good time with friends, enjoying parties and social gatherings. Friends are like family to you. You like to have a good time and food with your buddies. Sharing deeper issues of life and emotional issues of relationships with friends is quite normal in this transit. Your emotions are intense and you may feel them very well. Meditation can help in controlling your unstoppable thoughts.


Mars in Cancer 2023 is affecting your Career. Avoid being too attached to your Job for security and your existence. Focus on building relationship with your colleagues and co-workers. Emotional attachment with your Job may bring unexpected obstacles and ups and downs in office. If you have been working on changing your belief system or gaining more knowledge and skills since October 2022, it is the time to apply them to enhance your career.


Worrying about future won’t help a bit. Suppressed emotions may trigger unnecessary fears about anything or everything. One may feel like travelling to other stations or countries to feel better, but it won’t help in giving long lasting effects. Adventurous trips are always exciting, but making trips just to distract from emotional build ups is not the permanent solution. Faith and feeling good about God can actually work like magic in this phase.

Mars in Cancer 2023 for Sagittarius

This transit may trigger emotional build up to release itself in the form of anger outburst for Sagittarius sign. A good time to practise self control and to have a better grip over your emotions. If past memories come in the form of guilt, shame or resentment, breath-work and meditation may help. This Mars in Cancer transit is asking you to have a strong control over emotional and mental health. Controlling events, situations and people for peace will only give you frustration and power struggle. Let go and let things be as they are. Surrender to the present.


Mars may trigger your emotions and you may seek emotional healing through your partner. Do not seek emotional support in relationships and friendships or else you may end up being frustrated and temperamental. Mars in Cancer 2023 demands you to nurture yourself and release emotions in a healthy way. Learn to become a good negotiator while dealing with other people in business or Job. You need to form a healthy balance between emotions and practicality. Lower back pain or discomfort in body is a manifestation of emotional buildup stored in your body. Work proactively towards your goals and desires.


In this transit of Mars, you need to focus on your physical health. Re-assess and revamp your routine as this transit may cloud your thoughts about the world with emotions. When perceiving the reality, your personal fears should not affect as it may hamper your overall perceptions about the world. It is the time to change your diet plan if your stomach or gut doesn’t stay well during this phase. Get a routine health check up done if required. Keep yourself busy and involved with whatever work you are doing. Mental rest is also important, so don’t forget to take naps in between your work. Avoid compulsive thinking and talking unnecessarily just to please the other person, as it may back fire.


This transit of Mars in Cancer 2023 is teaching you not to let your emotions affect your confidence. Feel good about yourself and this phase may reward you with power, fulfilment of desires, and peace. Monetary gains are on the card. This phase is teaching you to value yourself and do not lose your self worth in relationship with people. You may feel your emotions intensely. If you are happy, you are high on happiness, & vice versa.

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