Mercury in Aries 2023, express yourself with courage

Mercury enters Aries on March 19,2023 and stays there till April 3, 2023. Mercury in astrology is a planet which rules our communication and intellectual ability to analyse everything.

When Mercury enters Aries on March 19, our communication and analytical ability is direct and straight to the point in different areas of life situations. We want to take quick decisions keeping aside our overthinking.

How Mercury in Aries 2023 will affect each zodiac

Mercury in Aries 2023 affect on Aries

Mercury is bringing clarity to you after 2 weeks of clouded compulsive thinking. You have been introspecting from last 2 weeks about the past events and events which have taken place recently. Jupiter is already transiting your sign till May 2023. Mercury is now giving clarity and wants you to have a positive mindset and balance communication. You are quite upfront about your opinions and want to change your mindset now. This transit also wants you to work on your health now.


Your thoughts start to get little vague. There is no point of thinking about the past or recent past events about financial matters and relationships. This transit is all about solitude and self talk, if you ignore both of them, a clouded compulsive thinking may affect the mental health. You may also attract unnecessary losses and expenditures if you get attached to things or people to feel good.


Mercury in Aries 2023 will enhance your communication with friends. Your intelligence is high and your thoughts are quite aligned towards your goals and eccentric ideas. Avoid being critical about your emotions. Emotional thinking can spoil the phase with no good benefits. Many may want to study about market or stock exchange.


Mercury is transiting through your career and work section and it wants you to introspect and analyse your career needs and improvements. You may start to think about your work and social existence more seriously now. This transit wants you to work with persistence towards your goals keeping your personals fears aside.

Mercury enters Aries 2023 affect on Leo

During this transit of Mercury, you may think or worry unnecessarily about futuristic events. Persistently practicing active faith may help. Good time to gain new knowledge and perspective. Short adventurous or religious trip is on the card. Optimistic and positive thinking may help you feel better.


You may start to think deeply about life issues and your existence in the world. Mercury will transform your thinking ability as it may force you to see things through multiple perspectives. Adopt mental rest if overthinking becomes compulsive. Emotional ups and downs are common with this transit.


This transit of Mercury will enhance your one to one communication with people and loved ones. You are more communicative and upfront about your decisions now. You may take decisions in business and relationships keeping all the overthinking aside. An urge to release past emotional baggage through verbal spat or arguments can also be seen for Libra people in this transit.


The transit of Mercury in Aries would demand you think consciously about your health, routine and Job(if any). It would trigger you to transform your physical health and the way you spend your daily routine. Last couple of months and recent past weeks clouded your thinking ability to perceive things. Mercury may help you in gaining clarity now. You may now streamline your work and the way to deal with general daily obstacles.

Mercury enters Aries 2023 affect on Sagittarius

Time to activate your creativity to spice up your love life. The transit also demands you to be more persistent and courteous towards your career and work. You are more confident and steal the spotlight which makes you feel good about yourself. Practice feeling good for no particular reason, and you will see the unexpected attention you may start getting without even chasing it.


A good time to process and regulate the stagnant emotions, things you have been holding on emotionally. Time to forgive your self for shame, guilt and keeping resentment for the past events. You are free and not responsible for anything. If you have been feeling low in the past recent weeks, it is time to feel good for no particular reasons. Stressing and worrying about future will do no good to you. Avoid emotional thinking, try to feel more and think less in this transit to release the dormant emotions due to past events.


The transit of Mercury in Aries 2023 brings clarity in your thoughts after a long period of clouded and vague thinking. Your intellect may enhance and mercury brings clarity in your thoughts. You are more expressive and talkative than before. Aquarians may feel more straightforward and upfront about their opinions. It is good to put your point across courageously, but make sure you do not sound rude. Unnecessary talking may lower your respect, power and value. Talk meaningful only. People would respect and admire you for that.


The transit brings your focus on your family environment and your bank balance. Do not do unnecessary emotional expenditures to please your emotions or your partner. Buying stuff to feel better is not a permanent solution. Also you may need to protect your self worth by drawing a strong line of your boundaries. Value and love yourself first if you expect that from your partner. Good time for financial management. Avoid too much of pleasure through binge eating or taking alcohol or drugs, etc to escape from your emotional ups and downs.

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