Mercury retrograde in Taurus (April 21 – May 14, 2023)

Mercury, that majorly rules communication in astrology goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21 and stay retrograding till May 14, 2023. During Mercury retrograde, the planet appears to move in a backward direction from west to east.

It is a good time for channeling mental energy inward, reflecting, re-assessing, and rethinking on whatever we’ve been focused on over the past few months. The theme of this Mercury retrograde will be communication and relationships.

Common effects of Mercury retrograde on each zodiac

  • Drive carefully, as accidents are very common during Mercury retrograde.
  • Avoid getting into gossips and do not react out of emotions.
  • Cross check your emails and messages before hitting the ‘send’ button.
  • Avoid getting into arguments or debates just to prove your due point.
  • Avoid signing any agreement during Mercury retrograde.
  • Return of ex lovers or one may meet someone who could somehow trigger old relationship patterns.
  • Internet, softwares or applications may glitches very often.
  • Car, laptop, mobile or any electric/mechanical gadget may malfunction or breakdown.

How Mercury retrograde in Taurus is going to affect each zodiac differently.


  • Re-budget your finances.
  • Re-introspect what you value and how much you value it.
  • Slow down if you feel you are getting habitual of anything. It should be in moderation.
  • The transit demands you to also change your mindset about what you value the most.
  • Retrograde also wants you to let go of unhealthy habits which are affecting your health physically and mentally.


  • Re-build your self worth and confidence.
  • Protect your self respect at any cost as people or events may trigger you to do so.
  • You may attract people who may sabotage your self respect.
  • Set strict boundaries in relationships and while dealing with friends.
  • Focus on loving yourself in order to get loved by others.
  • Seeking love in relationships just to feel good is not the permanent solution.
  • Learn to love yourself in this transit if you feel neglected or rejected by someone.


  • Past memories or people from the past may pop up again in your life. Not a good idea to give another chance.
  • Learn to feel your emotions without thinking too much about the past events.
  • Let go of any attachment or addiction holding you back.
  • If anytime during mercury retrograde you feel excess of emotional thinking, try to release the emotions through breathwork.
  • Avoid too much of emotional reasoning.


  • Watch out for conflict with friends and your professional network.
  • Avoid gossiping or criticising as it may affect your mental and spiritual health.
  • Slow down and have more patience with your friends, colleagues and clients.
  • Indulging in unnecessary talking may lower your self worth. If people start avoiding you, there are chances that you need to be mindful of what you speak.


  • You may introspect about your career goals or Job.
  • During this transit, you may think deeply about your social image and existence.
  • Conflicts in office and work can be seen by working people.
  • Don’t forget to nurture your emotions whenever you feel down in this transit.


  • Fearing unnecessarily about future won’t help you.
  • This transit may change your belief system in certain ways, if not completely. You may see a higher perspective about things ,situations and events.
  • You may think of gaining some sort of new knowledge, degree or skills to achieve higher perspective in life.


  • You may explore the unseen in this transit.
  • Things which were hidden from you will come under your focus.
  • You may get curious and may want to know more about the specific person or situation.
  • You may also introspect on your life and life situations deeply.


  • If you happen to experience verbal spat or ghosting in relationships in this transit of mercury, it means that balanced communication was missing since the beginning.
  • You may have been experiencing issues in relationships for more than a year now. Mercury retrograde may give you another lesson if you have been forming attachment based relationships.
  • Focus on self love, if you want to get loved.
  • Past pattern of relationship may repeat if you don’t change your approach.


  • You may re-vamp your schedule and routine.
  • Time to focus on your health and body. One may think of hitting a gym or make changes in diet.
  • Be patient and do not get into any kind of spat. Your opinions and perspective about world and people may change in this transit.
  • Work on your communication while dealing with people, loved ones or partner. Balanced communication is the key.


  • Time to re-introspect how you present yourself to the world.
  • This transit may demand you to work on your confidence when dealing with people.
  • Unnecessary fears and worldly problems are affecting your confidence and overall worth in relationships.It may affect your personality and the way people treat you.
  • Use this transit to introspect your fears and let them go.


  • You may think about things with emotions.
  • Thoughts are prominently affecting your emotions.
  • Learn to feel your emotions without thinking too much.Breath work can help you in releasing dormant emotions.
  • Avoid giving opinions and suggestions out of rage or inner disturbance. It is diminishing your value.
  • Avoid emotional reasoning.


  • You may introspect about relationships and peace of mind.
  • Talk only when you feel its necessary in this mercury retrograde.
  • Avoid indulging in gossips or watching stuff on TV or internet which penetrate your emotions.
  • There is no point of critically analysing situations or problems which are not under your control. Let things be the way they are.

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