Mercury in Gemini 2023, think before you assume

Mercury enters Gemini on June 11 and stays there till June 26, 2023. Mercury is the original ruler of Gemini, so we can say that Mercury is back to its sign i.e. Gemini. Along with Gemini, Mercury also rules the Virgo Zodiac. We are more playful and fun loving in this transit of Mercury in Gemini 2023 and may want to express ourselves in a flamboyant way. We are more expressive and communicative than usual. Social gathering and meetings with friends may happen very often.

How Mercury in Gemini 2023 is going to affect everyone differently ?


You are more communicative and vocal than before. You may gather lot of attention and spotlight through your communication. Do not indulge in gossiping as it may defame your image. We may look for release, therefore we may call or meet friends for venting or emotional dumping. Avoid such things as it may only make the matter worse internally.


Your Focus is on Money, You are thinking a lot about raising more money. Creative thinking may help you in generating more ideas. It should be clear in your mind why you need Money ! You should also be very clear about how much money should you have as your active income. Give time to your family, listen to their needs and problems. This transit of Mercury in Gemini 2023 would also trigger you to introspect your self-worth and how are you feeling about yourself.

Mercury in Gemini 2023 effects on GEMINI

You may consciously think about the image people get about you. A short transit where you may introspect your self-image very consciously. What people think about you ? what image do they hold about you ? such questions may arise in your mind. You may also think about a complete make over. Avoid critical emotional reasoning, gossiping, binge watching movies or series back to back. This transit of Mercury may increase your mental capacity. Avoid taking too much interest in trivia or unnecessary information just for the sake of mental stimulations as it may cause uncontrollable thought trip. Channel your thoughts appropriately as it affect your mental health adversely. Meditate for clarity and channelizing the mental energy.


This transit is all about going deep into yourself, the inner world i.e feelings, imaginations, past memories, psychic energy and subconscious realm. You may have to introspect a lot again and again and be mindful of your thoughts majorly. Avoid indulging into gossips and watching trivia on internet. You need mental rest lot many times a day. Quick naps can work wonders. But, this transit is mainly about touching your deepest self and feel your existence not just physically but on a spiritual level. Meditation, breath work, positive affirmations may help you in easing off your mind. You may take interest in studying spiritual or metaphysical subjects.

Mercury in Gemini 2023 effects on LEO

This transit is all about making connections with new network and friends. You may meet new people, and make friends. Social gathering may increase and you are open to making new connections. Chit chatting with friends, meeting old buddies from college or high school is also a possibility. Good time to study stock market and expect liquid gains if you have been investing at the right place. Relationship with friends also reflect your self worth and esteem. People may treat you the way you treat yourself. You are not just meeting your friends, but meeting your different versions. Every friend and person you meet is actually a version of yourself which exists within you as well. Good way to project yourself for self improvement. Also, you may feel a bit different and eccentric ideas may flow to you. Think creatively about your goals and desires to manifest


In this transit, You are thinking about your existence in the world. Your career and work is on your mind. You are introspecting your public image in society. You are thinking intensely about what people think about you and the image they have about you ? You may also think of what else can you do about your Career. This transit also brings your attention towards the seriousness and discipline in life. You think intensely about your progress in the material world.


This transit of Gemini brings your attention to your higher self. Uncertainity and anything about future may put you under unnecessary fear. This transit highlights what you fear about future. Be mindful of the thoughts coming to your mind. Observe what you are thinking and make conscious changes to it. This transit demands you to think positive thoughts or have no thoughts, which can only happen when you leave all your worries to the source and build solid faith in uncertainity. When you think of a problem or worry, say to yourself “it shall be taken care”. Positive affirmations may help you reprogram your mindset. You may think of taking a short trip to mountains, beaches or foreign lands. Religious and adventureous trips are on the card.


Mercury will transit the deepest section of your life. You are curious and inquisitive more than usual and would like to know things in details. You are thinking deeply about the hidden matters. This massive energy needs to be channelised appropriately. One may go through emotional ups and downs and would need friends to share problems. Make sure you are actually looking for solutions to your deepest issues and not just doing emotional dumping. Venting and emotional dumping will only provide temporary relief and will worsen the problem in long term. The only way to release the emotional turmoil is to do meditation or breath work.


This transit is majorly about your one to one relationships, whether personal or professional. If you are single, you may look for someone to talk to. If you are already in a relationship, your focus will shift towards communication in relationship. Either the communication is lacking or it is on the extreme side. It is actually a time to interospect your relationship patterns and find the exact cause of concern. It has nothing to do with the other persons, but you should understand what you actually need in the relationship . You may realise that building walls or limiting your choices through imposing a limited belief triggered out of fear is not working anymore. It is a time to let go of any limited mindset which is not letting you manifest an ideal relationship because of past relationship trauma.

Mercury in Gemini 2023 effects on CAPRICORN

You may now deeply introspect about your complete routine, how do you spend your whole day and how much pleasure do you derive from anything to escape from mental health issues. After all, your physical health is a direct projection of your mental health no matter how it is and what are the external circumstances. One may deeply introspect his dealing with the world. Breaking false opinions which are self imposed out of fear needs to be shed away. If fear of uncertainity in your life is affecting your overall health and dealings with the worldly issues, but it is time to take a break and work on your routine instead of focusing too much on results only. This transit may also highlight the areas you are micro managing.


This transit is mainly about communication and expressing yourself. How do you do it matters alot !
You may either attract people through your communication skills or you may repel people by talking unnecessarily. You need to protect your self respect by getting into meaningful conversations only. In this transit, you would think of re-activating your hobbies. In social gatherings, you are somehow the center of attention only if you genuinely stay confident on yourself. Romantic affairs are also on the card. Mercury in Gemini 2023 would trigger you to introspect how you present yourself to the world or to an individual and a perfect boundary between Ego and self respect. You are more creative than usual. Channelise the energy into some sort of creativity in your work.

Mercury in Gemini 2023 effects on PISCES

Transit of Mercury in Gemini 2023 is triggering your emotions. You may feel any sort of emotions more than others. The task would be to find out thoughts that trigger negative emotions and change them no matter what circumstances suggest. Communication with mother or family members will increase listening to their concerns about your relationship issues and worldly problems. You may also think of making changes in your house, either re-placing things or renovating the areas of your house. Getting into a relationship just to distract yourself from emotional ups and downs is not a good idea and you may have to pay for it later. Introspecting your emotional and mental health is major concern of this transit.

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