Mars in Leo 2023, Express yourself with courage

Mars enters Leo on May 20 and stays there till July 10, 2023. In Astrology, planet Mars rules will, action and assertion. Mars also rules sympathetic nervous system in our body which fight-or-flight response. This planet is also known as the God of war in Astrology. Lord “Shree Hanuman” in Hindu mythology and God “Ares” in Greek mythology is associated with this planet.
Leo is a zodiac which represents dedication, elegance, self respect, confidence and pride of an individual. When Mars enters Leo sign, it becomes a very powerful source of energy in cosmos. Energy of the collective consciousness will be more confident and prideful than before during this transit.
On the negative side, we may see ego clashes with authorities, friends and relationships.

How Mars in Leo 2023 is going to affect me ?

Mars in Leo 2023 effects on Aries

Mars in Leo 2023 is going to put you in centre of attention.Enjoy the spotlight. You may look more appealing and charming to people around you. Your confidence is fired up in this transit and it is much easy for you to deal with anyone with confidence. But, be aware if your confidence is shallow and dependant upon things with no solid foundation, it may affect you adversly with ego clashes. You really need to watch your tounge during this whole transit of Mars as you may appear to be blunt or abrupt. one may think of re-activating or becoming proactive in regard to their hobbies. Introspection will be the toughest part of this transit. Think before reacting in romantic affairs.


You can feel the emotions deeply and you may consciously or unconsciously penetrate them by watching dramatic content e.g dramatic series, sad movies or comedy shows. Healthy way to deal with this transit is by nurturing your emotions without anyone or anything. Breath awareness and meditation will help you ease of the lingering emotions from your body. Mars in Leo 2023 may charge up drama and emotional aggression in your life situations. Mars may trigger any dormant emotion from the past and manifest events where you may express aggressively. This disturbance will also be reflected in your relationships. Recent events may trigger the feelings of resentment and regret from the past. Someone may come in your life, trigger the emotions and leave you or you leave them as per the convenience.


You are aggressive with your communication and confident while expressing your opinions, suggestions or advice. You are more communicative than before and thinking a lot in this transit. Good time to engage in social gatherings or bonding with someone who holds power in the network or society. Avoid gossiping and pleasing your friends out of loneliness. Have confidence when you communicate with friends or colleagues. Do not make forceful connections for validation or just to feel good. Talking more than required or getting into unnecessary conversations reflects inferiority complex. Work on it if you discover any of it in this transit.


You are quite straightforward regarding your opinion now. But, hold your tounge if you are just try to offend people’s ego, it is not going to do any good to you. You are more spend thrift than before. May shop or buy things online without thinking much. Most of these purchases can be just to show off or to seek public attention. Protect your self worth and pride as you may observe that people may take you for granted on some occasions. Also, introspect how you feel about yourself, mainly your self esteem.

Be non-reactive to people who are trying to belittle or disrespect you. Sometimes silence is a better answer than reacting and getting into ego clashes. Do not spend money on unworthy people, as you may attract people who may just want to take and do not want to share anything from their side.

Mars in Leo 2023 effects on LEO

This transit of Mars is happening in your sign only. You might have been feeling little stressed out since March 25, thinking deeply about your future projects or situations in general. Now, Mars is firing you up with courage and confidence. You are in the spotlight and people want your attention in this transit. Lot of actions may happen during this transit. Mars will make you charming and more vibrant which may give you a main character energy in this transit. You are fired up to work towards big goals with lot of actions. Utilize this transit as much as you can.


Time to focus on your mental health as this transit of Mars may trigger suppressed anger or any dormant emotion from the past. Let go of any sort of attachment which gives you feel good factor or false ego boost. Meeting people or friends to distract from loneliness and negative thinking may not be a good idea as it may not even give you a temporary relief. Best way to utilize this transit is to adopt solitude and introspect your life situations and try to find answers from within. You may have vivid dreams and also find yourself daydreaming more as your thoughts are clouded and your mind is seeking clarity.


This transit of Mars in Leo 2023 is all about working in team, making bonding with the team members and associates. This is also a good time to work towards your goals and desires. Try to work on one to one relationship with friends. You may think of aggressively working towards your goals and desires. If you are into business,you may focus on increasing your business gains or profits. If you are into job, your focus should be on building a deep bonding with customers and understanding their needs. Social gatherings may increase at this time. This transit demands you to make a friendly bonding with your business or romantic partner. You are also quite eccentric in your approach while dealing with people or loved ones.


Mars is making your work life busy in this transit. Just like Lion is the king of the jungle, you may want to feel the same for your career and overall existence in the world and society. One may work on his public image to make it more appealing, therefore the focus may shift on overall personality development and changing habits. If you are trying to change or adopt new habits, you will be able to do it with more confidence and persistence. You will be little busy with the work during the transit, but you will attract all the spotlight at work. You are shinning bright like a Sun at your work place. Try not to get into ego clashes with your colleagues and subordinates as this transit may trigger such events. Avoid getting into tiff with your co-workers and focus on building balanced relationship with them.


Fears about future situations and romantic affairs from the past may pop up again in the present. Seeking attachments and labelling it as love to escape from the feelings may not work and probably backfire. This transit demands you to keep faith in your confidence and see magic happening. This transit of Mars in Leo 2023 will either make you fearful about current and future life events or it will make you let go of anything which is bothering you mentally and leave it on God. One may also think of attaining a new knowledge or fresh perspective about the situations or affairs. Avoid compulsive negative thinking and focus more on feeling the positive thoughts with faith.


This transit demands you to control your emotions rather getting affected by these. You become emotionally mature when you control your feelings rather than getting controlled or affected by them. Your emotions are controlling you if you allow yourself to get angry or agitated over anything. Are you trying to fight or control the people, situations or events which are affecting you? then you need to adopt surrender and let things go as they are. If something affects your emotional state, it is actually controlling you. What you control, controls you. This transit demands you to learn to manage your emotions if you are trying manifest your desires or wishes. Mars would demand you to be more self controlled about your diet and pleasures. Everything in moderation is ok.


Mars being a planet of aggression and Leo being a sign of ego and pride, it may affect your relationships. Ego clashes, verbal spat or arguments may happen with business partners, spouse or associates. Sometimes, the planet of war has its own way of fixing things especially when it comes pride. Some of your reactions can be instinct based in one to one dealing, but you see, certain things are supposed to happen which may not make you feel good but you later realise that it was required. You may snap or react on some scenarios where you feel disrespected or taken for granted. It is not possible to always control your reactions because sometimes it requires to set a healthy boundary in relationships.

Be more confident and courageous while dealing with anybody. Also, work on balanced communication. Do not indulge in pleasing the other person for validation or forceful connection. Protect your self respect in relationships, but that also doesn’t mean you become egocentric. 

Mars in Leo 2023 effects on PISCES

Mars is demanding you to discipline your daily routine and work on your health and physical fitness. If you have been escaping reality and your vague thoughts about future life situations, by indulging into watching drama on screen, binge watching, emotional shopping or eating out of stress then this transit demands you to feel every bit of emotion instead of suppressing it. The only way to release dormant emotions is either by feeling it or surrender worries through faith. This transit demands you to face the world with confidence and courage. Keep your faith and self worth high in order to feel good about yourself. Periodic solitude will also help you in healing. You do not have to get into unnecessary conversations to please your seniors or colleagues.

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