Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2023, Introspect last 4 months

Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17 till November 4, 2023. The planet enters Pisces sign on March 7, 2023 and now takes apparent retrograde motion. This transit of Saturn demands deep introspection about last 4 months. One must introspect and realize their deepest attachments. If you are not consciously aware about your attachments or comfort spots, this transit may highlight them for you through incidences where things may suddenly malfunction or vanish away. restrictive relationships may seek freedom, some relations may also end here, whether its your lover or a friend. It is a time for losing, but losing is more about creating space for new to arrive.

The transit may affect different aspects of our lives. If something in the recent past has triggered your old style of getting attached with things or particular person, the transit pushes you to let it go as it serves no purpose. Understand that no amount of material possession or type of relationship can give the inner peace, peace comes from within.

Purpose of Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2023

This transit will affect different aspects of our life. What we value ? and how much we are attached to these things, people and relationships ? We are attached to it when we start identifying ourselves with something outside of us, whether its career, relationship or particular outcome of a situation. When our happiness is bound to these things we are certainly going to suffer. This transit of Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2023 is going to reveal our attachments by sending or removing people in our lives. We may either get in or out of toxic relationships, both serve their own purpose. This transit also reveals what we are indulged into. Drugs, Alcohol, Porn, sexual pleasures, binge watching, movies or series, watching trivia on internet, anything in excess is not good.

This transit of Saturn retrograde in Pisces 2023 also reveals our beliefs which needs to be changed or upgraded. Many people will take interest in topics like spirituality, reiki, Tarot, healing and energy work, meditation, yoga. Lot many people would like to know the mystery of universe and different dimensions. Your thought process and mindset needs an upgrade and thats what this transit will assist you in doing. By end of this transit, you  may evolve to a better version of yourself. Knowledge is awareness and it is very important to gain more knowledge, but without wisdom, all the knowledge is of no use. If one is learning good things, one must follow and apply them on daily basis.

What does it reveal ?

This transit also reveals our unconscious fears and regressed emotions. If you are feeling low and have no idea where your life is going, you need to identify and let go of those fears through strong faith in God or yourself, thats the only legitimate remedy for this. Many can now feel the regressed emotions deeply in the form of discontentment.

We must not critically analyze or judge people, events and situations to label it. Mind does the label work and you may lose the feeling essence of anything you judge. Whatever you judge actually has a very strong message from the universe. Therefore, before you judge anything or anyone, you must ask yourself what is it teaching you particularly.

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