North node in Aries 2023-25

North node in Aries 2023-25 particularly starts on July 17,2023 and stays there till January 11,2025 will transform different aspects of collective consciousness. Read below how it affect you particularly for next 18 months.


North node is transiting over your sign asking you to focus on yourself before focusing on other person. Now, that does not mean that you totally ignore the other person. For next 18 months, you may to let go of unhealthy relationship pattern and transmute it into a healthy one. If you think, your relationship may end the moment you stop pleasing your partner, this transit may help you understand that your own individuality is more important which makes you a magnet instead of a chaser and pleaser. You can only hold relationships or receive love if you love yourself first. Clinging on to your partner to feel fulfilled will only give disappointments in various form. the transit of North node in Aries 2023-25 is teaching you to strike a healthy balance in relationships. Also, completely ignoring the need of other person is also a sign of imbalanced relationship.


North node in Aries 2023-25 will teach you to face your inner conflicts in solitude. Stop distracting yourself from feeling bored, discontent or alone by making yourself busy with work or increasing the screen time for entertainment. Distractions or escaping from discontentment will only worsen your mental health. Power struggles can be seen if you are controlling the circumstances, people or events for mental peace. This transit demands you to dive deeper into spirituality and subconscious realm where everything is unseen. You must learn to deeply let go the outcome of any situation or circumstances which are causing inner disturbance. Once you let it go, the solutions will seek you and the circumstances will fix themselves by its own. The more you hold on to a particular outcome, more sufferings and disappointments will be seen in the transit.


The transit is asking you to expand your network circle by meeting new people, communities and groups.North node in Aries 2023-25 demands you to share your creative side with the network. Also, South node will help you in releasing the Ego of being self sufficient. You must crack the healthy balance between your pride, self respect and gelling with people from different backgrounds. You can always take and share your ideas with masses. If you show no resistance, the transit may reward you with business gains and passive incomes from networking and business collaboration.


The transit demands you focus on your public image, career and social status. Next 18 months are all about thriving and achieving success ladder. Focus on making good relationship with your colleagues, direct bosses, business partners and clients. North node transit is also asking you to make organised plan, work on them with persistence by setting an ideal image in your mind about what do you want to become? One must learn to discipline themselves in this transit. On the other side, this transit can also trigger self indulgence due to negative emotions where you may not feel like doing anything due to past fears. You must stay persistent by not being bothered about the results, yet fully involved in the process.

North node in Aries 2023-2025 effects on LEO

Demand of the transit would be to work on your belief system and total mindset especially. Your opinions may change and your perspective will surely mould in this transits. Mental resistance to accept new ideas will only create anxiety and suffering. North node will not leave any stone unturned to expand your consciousness to different dimensions. You may want to pursue higher knowledge or gain bigger perspective about life. The transit will show that worrying unnecessarily about future events will not resolve anything but only cause overthinking.


Material security is good, but if you are too attached to your possessions, suffering is inevitable. You need to learn to share what you have with others too. Also, North node will be transiting through your 8th house of Occult, mystery, unknown and emotional ups and downs. The transit demands you to become emotionally resilient but not controlling any event, situation or people out of insecurity. The more you try to control anything, more it slips away. Ultimate purpose of the transit is to learn to control ourselves, our habits, our emotions. Nothing outside of us can affect us.

In relationships, north node teaches you how to add value to other person’s life. On a psychological level, you will go through metamorphosis where you will transform inevitably. Any resistance to the process will only cause more suffering. Do not try to control anything, but yourself on how you respond the situations.

North node in Aries 2023-25 effects on LIBRA

The transit teaches you to form balance in your relationships. Your dealings, the way you put yourself in front of others. Individuality is good, but if its only about you and your problems and needs, then no person on the planet will be able stay with you forever. The transit teaches you to put yourself first, but also follow the golden rule.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Understanding and listening to other person’s problems or story help them heal, sometimes people just need a listening ear, no suggestions or opinions. If you work on your listening skills, you win half of the race. On the other side, if you are a people pleaser or always trying to chase people to sustain relationships, North node will teach you to form healthy balance. You can’t love someone, if you don’t love yourself and someone can only love you to the degree you love yourself.


Time to take care of your health. If you had been suppressing emotions since long, it might show up in your body now as dormant emotions. The transit is asking you to reset your routine and re-organise the way you function in the world. Breath-work and yoga can help you in releasing suppressed emotions from the body. North node in Aries 2023-25 will make you a smart worker and help you in releasing the excess baggage of pressure on the work front. If work had been affecting your health due to odd hours shifts or no routine after office, this energy shift will make you a better person in regard to habits, routine and mental health.

North node in Aries 2023-25 effects on SAGITTARIUS

North node transit is asking you to work on your confidence, how do you feel about yourself and focus on individuality. You may either lose friendships or you may detach yourself from lot of friends or network circle. Your participation will be less with people, but that doesn’t mean that you are will be alone. North node wants you to focus on your own presence. Your identity can’t be derived from certain people, groups or friends. Also, you need to nurture your inner child and get back to your hobbies. Your presence can only make difference if you love yourself,feel good and confident about yourself. Clinging unnecessarily with unworthy people, pleasing them only reflects low self worth issues. One must re-build their personality with strong character, and North node will open all doors for that !


Time to nurture your emotions and release unhealthy habits of indulgence. If you are too much involved in your work, career and ignoring your family needs and emotional health, this transit will shift your attention towards your home environment, mother’s health and particularly your emotional health. The transit demands you to let go of the emotional block which is holding you back since long now. Your suppressed feelings and emotions want a release now. You are supposed to strike a healthy balance between your work life and your family life. Distracting yourself by indulging in work is not a permanent solution and would rather pile up problems for later.

North node in Aries 2023-25 effects on AQUARIUS

Watch your compulsive thoughts in this transit, they are coming out of your belief. This transit of North node demands you to work on your communication and analytical skills. North node by instinct will teach you how to mould your communication style according to situation and people. It is good to be upfront in your communication, but remember sometimes you are offending people unknowingly and it is your loss only. Also, learn to be a good listener, overhearing for the sake for hearing will do no good. Short trips or foreign travels are on the card. Unnecessarily worrying over future possibilities about your situations will only cause anxiety. Have faith for future worries and live in present. Life is happening right “NOW”. Past & future doesn’t exist.


North node in Aries 2023-25 is asking you to focus on your Money and family needs for next 18 months now. Financial management and budgeting weekly expenditures should be on check, are you consuming something more than its healthy limit ? Screen time, pleasure eating, drugs or alcohol should also be on check. South node will give you all the “willpower” required to grow financially and North node will teach you all the persistence required. This North node transit may give amplify the money inflow, but will also take away everything in various form if you don’t follow control over pleasures. On a psychological level, this transit is also teaching you not to control the prevailing life situations and let things be as they are, instead practice self control.

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