Astrometry astrology brings April horoscope 2023 for all zodiac. April astrology brings loads of changes in the cosmos. The month of April 2023 is bringing major changes.

  • April 3 – 21: Mercury enters Taurus
  • April 6 – Full Moon Libra
  • April 11(till rest of the month) – Venus enters Gemini
  • April 15 – Vesta enters Taurus
  • April 20 (till rest of the month) – Sun enters Taurus
  • April 21 (till rest of the month) – Mercury retrograde in Taurus

How the April Horoscope 2023 may affect all zodiacs differently.

April Horoscope 2023 for Aries

This month, your focus is on yourself and your identity. You may feel more confident and in the spotlight, but due to Saturn’s transit from 7th March onwards , you might have started to feel little disconnected from things and people as well. You may think and introspect about your finances this month. April 11, onwards you may start to become more communicative in relationships. Venus transit may help you in fixing your relations through balanced communication. Use your communication and sense of humour to attract more people, but avoid being a compulsive talker. Last few months have been full of confusion and mental frustration, one may receive clarity now.


You may feel a bit lost till April 20. Sun is exposing your habits, addictions and attachments to yourself and wants you to introspect your escape points courageously from facing your emotions. It could be pleasure eating, excessive drinking, drugs or binge watching i.e compulsive scrolling or an attachment based relationships, April 20 onwards, your focus shifts to yourself. How you look and what are your compulsive negative thoughts. You may feel like changing your looks and your daily routine. Good month for finances from April 11 onwards. Focus on improving your self worth this month.


Your focus is on your desire and wishes this month.One may spend lot of time with friends or professional network. This month, you may also attract attention of unknown people. Mercury is making you think a lot about your past events which are stored in your subconscious and asking for a final release. It is normal to feel vague and lost in random thought trips in this transit for Gemini people. Make sure, you don’t get into relationships for emotional needs.


You may re-introspect your desires again by end of this month. Sun is keeping your focus on your work front. You may seriously think about your existence in this world, your social image and how life situations are going to be in the future. This month you may spend good leisure time with your friends or may want to please your professional network circle. You may also feel a bit impatient and aggressive due to Mars transit over your sign. Channelise the aggression through some sort of physical activity or breath work. Last couple of months (especially since October) were full of ups and downs, you may feel much better after April 11 onwards.

April Horoscope 2023 for Leo

Worrying or fidgeting about future will not help you with anything. You are in need to re-consider your career goals once again. Are you happy with what you are doing? Do you want to change or grow with the existing enterprises? These thoughts may occupy your mind to make you think about your social existence and Image in the society. You may meet new people this month or want to express your thoughts with your friends, siblings or anyone who could listen to it. If you feel an emotional build up, try to release it in a healthy way. If you feel a sense of power struggle in any of your life situations, do not try to fix anything or everything for sometime and embrace things as they are.


This month, you may face your deepest fears of your life situations. These are more of psychological fears and are hidden issues. This month, mercury retrograde may ask you to introspect and change the stubborn belief system which has been creating lot of resistance on energy level. You may attract a career opportunity or a progress in your office with the help of Venus transit starting from mid of the month. If one may face issues in relationships and business partnerships, it is time to introspect your needs of relationship. If your relationships are attachment based, end of these relationships is inevitable.


Your focus is on your relationships majorly this month. You are thinking deeply about your relationship needs and the role you play in a relationship and in other person’s life. Overthinking is very normal with this phase of mercury transit. But, instead of thinking out of fear, one must seek clarity as to what actually they want in their life situations. Venus will help you in gaining optimism and clarity in thoughts from April 11 onwards. Its always good to see one situation with different perspectives and gain more clarity.


Its a busy month. Your focus is on your work or the job you do. This phase also demands you to get back to your systematic routine and control yourself. Your love life may go under little turbulence if regular communication is missing since long. Introspect your relationship needs before you react to certain circumstances. Your relationship is off balance if your emotions are unsettled. Unusual fears about future are foreseen, stay optimistic and have active faith in whomsoever you believe in.

April Horoscope 2023 for Sagittarius

This month is all about your work and creativity, you must keep yourself busy with activities which keep your creative side active. You may introspect your daily routine seriously now. Transit of Mercury may put you on introspection about your Job or the work you do on daily basis. By end of April, you may start to transform your routine and make changes in it. April 11 onwards, may bring luck in relationship matters, if one opts for balanced communication while dealing with others.


Your focus is on your emotions as you can feel things very well. Emotions are heightened till April 20, channelise them appropriately instead of reacting to things abruptly. April 11 onwards is a good time for work or Job area, you may attract a new opportunity. By end of the month you may start feeling a bit of lack of confidence. Someone from the past may pop up in your life once again but, it is not a good idea to give another chance.


You are more expressive this month and quite vocal. But, emotions are heightened and you feel a bit sensitive. Your thoughts are influenced by emotions. End of this month would ask you to separate emotions from thoughts and see things through different perspectives. Emotional reasoning will help you identify the thoughts that are bothering you. Good time to get into romantic affairs but it should not be induced by emotion of fear and attachment. Something from past may trigger your suppressed emotions. Conscious breathing like 5 sec inhale and 5 sec exhale for 5 mins can help in releasing suppressed emotions from the body.


This month your focus is on your finances and buying new stuff for yourself or home needs. last couple of months (especially since October) have been little turbulent on emotional level. Even the environment of your home was off beat. April 11 onwards, you may start to feel much better emotionally. But by end of April, you may start to feel a bit confused with your thoughts, do not worry, Mercury retrograde starting on April 21 just wants you to transform your mindset by seeing through different perspectives.