Astrometry is one of the Best Online Astrologer in India. For us, Astrology is not a fortune telling tool, but it can help you in making good fortunes. We have been helping lot of people in Relationship, Career, Stress & anxiety issues through our online astrology service.

Astrology can help you in knowing upcoming auspicious and rewarding phases and assist you in figuring out how to take maximum advantage of them before they fade.

Our Online Astrologer can also help you in determining the perfect timing for certain actions.

like :

  • When should or when will I buy my own house ?
  • When will my Career get stable? What should I opt for my Career?
  • When should I start my own work, and what suits me the best for business or Job?

How Astrology can help you transform your life completely ?

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What sets us our Online Astrologer apart ?

Our belief in Astrology and practice sets us apart. You must have heard people blaming Sade-sati, Rahu dosha and Mangal dosh etc. Only few people know how utilize all these transits of planets. No planet wants to give you suffering, whether its Shanni (Saturn), Rahu (True Node) or Mangal (Mars). All planets have their own nature and purpose. They are backed by universe’s infinite intelligence, therefore your mind games won’t work to by-pass its malefic effects. The only way to survive these energies is to co-operate with them.

In Our online astrology services, we guide you on how you can take in-charge of your life and manifest through the power of astrology. When you drive your car in an unknown location, you will always be uncertain about the directions, may miss the sign boards aswell in anxiety due to uncertainty. But when you know the directions or you are following your GPS device, you are quite certain and have faith that you will somehow reach your destination.

Our Online Astrologer can help in restoring your faith and guide you for the right directions as per the current planetary transits going on.

How Astrology affects us.

It’s a scientific fact that the moon and sun affect oceanic tides. It is a scientific fact that planets in the solar system affect the gravitational pull of planet Earth. It is a scientific fact that sunspots affect Earth’s electromagnetic field. The effects of changing energy on Earth affect people. Knowing that these things are occurring through astrology can give you an edge to manifesting. If you know that some planets will effect the Earth, you can change what you want to attract, how you want to attract it, and when you want to attract it. Remember that if an astrological event affects you, it affects others as well.