Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde,Here comes another round of Mercury madness! This Mercury retrograde begins on 7th July ,Sunday in fire sign Leo, which can create some serious drama and theatricality. We can turn mountains into molehills with Mercury retrograde in Leo, so we need to watch ourselves. Not cool to be so desperate for attention that you … Read more

Stop Overthinking

Stop Overthinking as it is as Bad as it is popular. It can stop you from enjoying social gatherings, disturbs your sleep, affects your job performance,damages relationship, leads to bad decision making and even ruin your vacations. Typically, extreme overthinking also comes with all the physical discomforts of anxiety. This means that overthinking leaves you … Read more

Pluto Retrograde 2019 – Strong Force to Change

Pluto retrograde started on April 24, and will last until October 2, 2019, you have extra time and power to achieve your goals. Release what is not serving you in the pursuit of your goals. Basically, kill off your excuses and control your self-sabotaging behaviors. What you’ll be left with is a limited things to … Read more

Jupiter Retrograde 2019 – Soul Discovery

Jupiter Retrograde started on 9th April 2019 , this beautiful transit will inspire us to explore unknown territory, and ultimately expand our horizons. The reverse movement of Jupiter is an optical illusion from our view from planet Earth. On that note, Jupiter retrograde will simply elongate the revelation process. Hence this is an excellent time … Read more

Self Control – All About Your Willpower

  People who have better self-control tend to be healthier and happier.Whether one is most tempted by addictions or their weaknesses,everyone has areas of their lives in which they wish to exercise a little more willpower. How can an someone build this critical skill ? Researchers have pointed to use rewards, routines, and mindfulness. These … Read more

The Art of letting go !

The Art of Letting go – Letting go is never easy,whether its a relationship,your ego,control or a Job,When we are told it is all coming in divine time, the mind can get intrusive and want specific answers. The need to know with certainty is common but it is not the way things work in the … Read more

Horoscope for all 12 Zodiac Signs from April ‘19 to September ‘19

Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs -In April alone, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are chilling’ in retrograde for a few months at a time.Jupiter retrogrades at 24° 21’ of Sagittarius on April 10th. Pluto retrogrades at 23° 09’ of Capricorn on April 24th whereas Saturn retrogrades on the 29th at 24° 21’ of Capricorn also.   … Read more