Astrometry astrology brings March horoscope 2023 for all zodiac. March’s astrology brings loads of changes in the cosmos. The month of March 2023 is bringing major changes.

  • March 7: Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn enters Pisces after year 1998.
  • March 16: Venus enters Taurus and joins transit north node (Rahu)
  • March 21: New Moon in Aries
  • March 23: Pluto enters Aquarius after year 1777.
  • March 25: Mars enters Cancer

How the March Horoscope 2023 may affect all zodiacs differently.

March Horoscope 2023 for Aries

This month, if anytime you feel disconnected from people or things, you must start to realise that its a time for solitude. Monetary conditions may improve after March,16. March is bringing your attention inward and you may start to feel that from March 7 till March 21,2023. Pluto transiting Aquarius may transform, change or amplify your network and friends circle. Time to say good bye to some meaningless friendships to create a space for anew. You must nurture your emotions by feeling them very often. Instead of releasing it in the form of outbursts, try to feel it without thinking of the cause of the anger.


You may start to feel disconnected from your friends as some of them may make you feel drained after a conversation. Using friends to escape from facing the reality is equally toxic, because you are just looking for a distraction and avoiding the core issues. Self love should be given more importance if you expect to be loved by the other person. Solitude may give you peace as mental rest is important. Take extra care of your mental and spiritual health. Big changes in your career are foreseen. You may feel like expressing your emotions in an aggressive manner. Talk mindfully and avoid indulging in gossiping and criticizing things.


March puts your focus on career and desires. You may feel to have power struggles in your career as it may slow down a bit. But, whatever happens, happens for a reason. You may start to enjoy the ‘me time’ and solitude after mid of the month. Avoid spending money on unworthy friends and people. Business gains are on the card only if you are not overly obsessed about acquiring money. Strong desire is one thing, attachment is another thing. Spending money to please your emotions will not help, you have to feel them to release them. Buying stuffs to feel good is not a permanent solution.


March keeps your focus on work, your social image, desires and network expansion. This month is starting of major shift in the cosmos for you. You may take deep interest in attaining new knowledge or skills. One may seek to opt new profession or adding another business venture to the portfolio. After a heavy transit of 7 months, Mars is shifting into your sign, asking you to nurture yourself emotionally and physically. By mid of the month onwards, business gains and network expansion can expedite.

March Horoscope 2023 for Leo

March is highlighting issues which you were not aware about earlier. Good month for deep introspection and making deeper bonding with the loved one and with people in general. Some people may trigger you to realise your true worth by mistreating or disrespecting you unintentionally. But, nothing is unintentionally, people act how they actually think. Unconscious actions never lie. By end of the month you may start to think too much about past and future. Time to release the past patterns, traumas through Faith and certainty in yourself or higher powers.


March is keeping your focus on relationships, bondings and deeper issues of life. Every year March would demand you to transform a-bit by shedding the old patterns. Focus is on marriage issues (if married), attachment based relationships and general emotional bonding one may seek for companionship or support. Full Moon is happening on your sign this March 7, focus on self love. Do not expect to be loved, if their is no self love. You may seek out for friends who can provide emotional comfort or support. Looking out for aspirin effect to minimize the pain is a temporary solution. Distracting yourself from dealing with your deeper issue will only pile them up for later outbursts.


March is keeping your focus on your routine, health and Job (if any). Transit planets are demanding you to let go of unhealthy attachments or habits which are affecting your health mentally and physically. Things are as they are, thinking about the worldly issue will not resolve anything. Somethings are well left to higher powers. By end of the month your focus may shift to one to one relations including your spouse or loved ones. Maintain the diplomacy in your office as things may heat up on emotional level.


March brings your focus on your hobbies, creativity, romance. Your focus is also on your body. You may want to shed some extra pounds or may plan to improve your physical fitness. You may want to study some spiritual stuff to have a better control over your emotions. Relationships may improve after March 16,2023. Long transit (about 2.5 years) of emotional ups and downs may end this month. You may feel emotionally free and healthy.

March Horoscope 2023 for Sagittarius

Your major focus is on your emotional health and home environment this month. Take out extra time to nurture your emotions. Fears about future may haunt you very often. Work on building a strong faith system and this month is all about nurturing the emotion of faith. By end of the month, you may feel the power as the spotlight shines over you. This month is about romance and affairs. Do not try to control your partner in any ways. Try to maintain the balance between work and home needs. Starting from the mid of month, you may start to see progress in work front.


March has heightened your imaginations. Whatever you think and say, you may feel it very well. Your instincts are high and you may assess the conditions and other person very well. You need to learn to trust those gut feelings. It is completely ok to feel low if the thoughts are clouded, but feeling emotions without judging the past events can actually help you releasing them. By end of the month, your focus may shift to home environment and the events which are troubling you on emotional level. Simple remedy is solitude. Avoid spending too much time on screen watching random stuff which is of no use. One may also take a short trip to feel better.


This month brings your focus on your self worth. The value you give to yourself especially in relationships. You got to balance the relations with family, loved one and your friends circle. Situations will trigger you deep down to form a healthy restrictions of your boundary. Do not expect anyone to value and respect your presence if you have set your worth low by giving too much or being easily available when required. Focus is also on account balance and inflow of money. By end of the month your focus will be on your siblings, friends and relationships. Being upfront is good, but when you are too straightforward in your conversations, people may get offended. Last 2.5 years have taught you to love yourself, do not forget the lessons you have already done mastery on.


March is all about yourself. Self love and how people see you. People may approach you with their problems as they may sense the light in you. Your attention may goes to your body and health. One may try to let go of unhealthy daily habits and addictions to manifest better health. How you feel this month has a lot related to your stomach health. Go for a stomach detox if required. Last 2.5 years were emotionally intense and you may had to let go of lot of things. March 7 onwards you may start to feel much better and focus on your existence in the world. You may now want to focus on expanding your career. March 7 onwards, Saturn starts to help you with that. You can only get loved if you love yourself. By end of the month, your focus may shift to your family issues.