Monthly Horoscope
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Every month brings new challenges and celebrations. Through monthly horoscope, we can have better control over our action by simply knowing how planets are going to behave in a particular month.

Monthly Horoscope

It is very important to be aware about what current month is bringing for all of us. Monthly horoscope helps us to be aware about our action. We can just go slowly and steadily if the planets are not demanding much action in a particular month for our own goodness. When you are aware about particular do’s and don’ts, you have a upper hand in understanding why you should move aggressively or remain steady for sometime.

Monthly Horoscope for Aries

This month is all about dealing with family issues, security and inner feelings. You can feel your inner mental state, whether its a state of fear, hate, revenge or love. You are emotionally sensitive this month and your confidence may stay low for first half of the month. Your focus will be on your family affairs, mother or maternal side. Hold your tongue and think before you speak. Be gentle on yourself and patient with family members. Avoid self indulgence.

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

You may want to express your feelings to someone you think can make you feel light hearted. Your logical reasoning may diminish this month as you may think or speak under the influence of your emotions. Avoid talking unnecessarily just for the sake of talking. Start some sort of physical activity to channelize the energy of impatience and rush. Social activity or get together with friends or siblings can be seen this month. Practice silence.

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

This month brings your focus on your bank balance and finances. You may re-budget or think deeply how you have utilized your money in the last 1 year. Also, how you feel and think this month will largely depend upon your financial situation. Transit of mars may give you anxiety and rush inside you. Practice solitude. Also, focus on self worth.

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

How you feel depends on how you look. Therefore, You may make changes in your appearance. Old family issues may come back, don’t let anything affect your mood or state of mind. Everything is temporary till the time you are not forming attachments to things or people. Don’t lower your worth while dealing with people. Avoid getting into spats with your friends or network over finances. However, you must protect your worth. Self love with self discipline is the key

Monthly Horoscope for Leo

This month will highlight your deeply suppressed emotions. You are hyper sensitive and want to release or let go of something or someone from your life. Try not to distract yourself if this transit reminds you of past trauma or pain. Instead, feel it and let it go. You may sometimes feel like sitting alone and do nothing, don’t restrain this feeling. At last, you will level up in career through persistence.

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

This month, Your focus is on your wishes, dreams and deepest desires. Some of you will see the fulfillment of your wishes and goals. You may leave or let go few friends or people from your life this month. Also, you are feeling fearful and anxious deep inside. Therefore, you may feel like taking a short or religious trip. Social activities and gatherings should not be done just to distract your inner disturbance due to other matters in your life.

Monthly Horoscope for Libra

This month will keep your focus on your career and office environment. You are quite sensitive about how people are perceiving you and the opinions they are making about you. Avoid difference of opinion or rift with your colleague. Don’t let your emotions affect your work. A strong sense of self control is required this month, or else you may feel like controlling people, circumstances and things around you. Balance is the key !

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

This month may highlight your fears about future. A fear related to house or property can also be seen. You are also assessing the future of what you are doing or your career. Don’t get into verbal spat with your spouse or partner. Be patient while dealing with other people as you may perceive them as slowing things down. Religious or leisure trip is on the card this month. Meanwhile, don’t let fear drain you. Faith is the answer.

Monthly horoscope for Sagittarius

This month, the focus is on deep matters of life. The value you give, the things you do for others is important. Meanwhile, you are thinking deeply about the matters going on in your life. Also, what will happen to these matters in future. You may assume things or people wrong out of your own fears of getting hurt. This month will reveal your suppressed emotions of possessiveness, hatred, jealousy and revenge. Finally, a good month to focus on your body, diet and routine. Drive slow to avoid accidents.

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

This month brings your focus on relationships. You are quite sensitive about one to one relationships, especially with spouse. This month, you may go through few ups and downs in your relationships. Sudden outburst can also be experienced while dealing with others. Don’t form emotional dependency of happiness on relationships. Love yourself first to get loved by others. Their will be a deep urge to protect your self respect. You would have to set a limit on people taking advantage of you.

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

The transit is asking you to let go of your unhealthy habits which are affecting your physical and mental health. Special care to be given to your stomach area. Avoid eating things which are not suitable for your sensitive tummy ! Keep yourself hydrated. This month will keep you busy with work. If you have a habit of suppressing anger, breathwork and deep breathing can help you in releasing that. Mental relaxation like practicing meditation or silence will surely improve your mental and physical illness and increase your productivity and business.

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

Unexpected gains are on the card this month. You are the spotlight of the month in your tribe, negative or positive, depends upon your actions. Focus will go on your children (if any). You may want to restart your hobbies and explore your creative side, the best way you channelize emotions. Cooking is your best stress buster. Become your own light rather than depending upon friends for happiness and peace.

Be little humble in your speech and polite in your conversation. The other person may get offended with your tone and you may not even realize it. You want to talk and talk alot this month. You may decide to release the inner tension though talking with friends. But, you will also be caught when you are not listening to them properly.

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One should know how to utilize the energy of planets. No planet wants to give you suffering, whether its Shani (Saturn), Mangal (Mars) or Surya (Sun).

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