Nothing can be better than talking to an Astrologer directly through Online Astrology Consultations. 

Our Astrologer on Phone can help you with your current situation, lessons it is giving, what you should do in a particular phase to avoid the problems. It may be that you are going through lesson in Relationships, Career, Health and family. etc in your life.

No planet planet wants to give you suffering,whether its Shanni (saturn), Mangal (Mars) or Surya (Sun). All planets have their own purpose. They are backed by universe’s infinite intelligence, therefore your mind games won’t work to by-pass its malefic effects. The only way to survive these energies is to co-operate with them.

Talk to our Astrologer on phone for any sort of astrology consultation.

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Online Astrology Consultation

Benefits of our Astrology Consultation

1) In our consultation, you will receive clarity about your current situation.
2) Understanding of why certain events are happening in your life and till when it will go on.
3) You will get to know your Secret Powers and talents you may not be aware about in our consultation.
4) Our remedies are extremely simple and you can follow them sitting at home.
5) Our Full Astrology consultation will help you understand all sections of your life, e.g Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship.

Astrologer on phone

Talk to our Astrologer on phone

  1. Call or whatsapp us on +91-8800385550
  2. Share your birth details along with your queries/problems over the phone.
  3. We will share the price list of all sessions.
  4. Choose the type session you want.
  5. Make the Payment
  6. We will call you back in an hour and discuss your Birth Chart and solution to your problems over the phone.