Saturn, the planet of Hardwork, restrictions, Responsibility, Career & karma enters the sign of Aquarius on 21st March 2020. It has entered Aquarius first time after 1994. Saturn feels secure, strong & comfortable at home in Aquarius. Saturn is the taskmaster of all Zodiacs and other planets – It brings lot of challenges and restrictions to encourage you to push obstacles so you can undergo meaningful growth for your Career or Relationships.Accountability and “tough relationship” are the name of Saturn’s game. Shanni (saturn) entering Aquarius is a Big change and this major shift is the start of new 2.5 year cycle.

Saturn in Aquarius 2020 – 2023 Beginning of a new Journey

Saturn in Aquarius 2020 will transform,shake up,rewrite the rules, and change the world for the better. So the vibe is going “let’s talk about the problems”.Intelligence and brainstorming will help you to fix up the problem related to Career, Relationships,Money,technology etc.

As Saturn travels through Aquarius, You can expect world leaders & politicians to be accountable for taking care of the citizens and common people.New Law ,Internal treaties, and global changes are going to happen soon. Aquarius is also eager to bring equality to all members of society & religions. So,the gradual and progressive changes  that allow the citizens and common people to have more rights & representation in the world are definitely on the way too.

Aquarius is also the sign of technology. Saturn’s journey through Aqua allow for new advancements in the field, allowing for new and advanced tech to become incorporated into day to day life. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius i.e 1994, little something called internet was becoming part of our day-to-day lives. Space travel, and advances in medical technology are thematic of Saturn in Aquarius too.

Aside from Worldwide impact, Saturn in Aquarius is bringing personal changes to your life too. Saturn in Aquarius can help bring immense structure and lasting value to your life. IF YOU ARE LAZY AND AVOID OBLIGATIONS, IT CAN CAUSE DIFFICULTIES AND BLOCK YOUR PROGRESS. The next 2.5 years can bring remarkable changes to your life,only if you work for them.

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