Astrometry astrology is one of the best online astrologer giving phone consultation services overseas.

We consider ourselves among the best online astrologers because our consultations are unique as we do in-depth analysis of birth charts. We look into the natal chart and current planetary transits to derive the best solutions for individuals.

Also, we use different methods in astrology to find out the actual cause of your pertaining issues.

Astrology is not just a fortune telling tool, but it can help you in making good fortunes. Our Online Astrologer can also help you in determining the perfect timing for certain actions.

like :

  • When should or when will I buy my own house ?
  • When will my Career get stable? What should I opt for my Career?
  • When should I start my own work, and what suits me the best for business or Job?

How Astrology can help you transform your life completely ?

What sets our online astrologer apart ?

We are one of the few online astrologers who conclude the effects of all 9 planets including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto along with asteroids such as Pallas, Juno and Vesta etc in our online astrology consultations.

Most of us are always trying to solve the ‘effects’ of malefic effects of planets rather working on the ’cause’ due to lack of awareness.

You must have heard people blaming Sade-sati, Rahu dosha and Mangal dosh etc. Only few people know how to utilize all these transits of planets. No planet wants to give you suffering, whether its Shanni (Saturn), Rahu (True Node) or Mangal (Mars). All planets have their own nature and purpose.

The only way to survive these energies is to co-operate with them.

In our online astrology consultations, we guide you on how you can take in-charge of your life and manifest through the power of astrology.

Online Astrology by Astrometry astrology can help you in restoring faith and guide you for the right directions.