All houses in astrology and what are their purpose?

All houses in astrology denotes as an individual and all sections of our life. All these 12 houses are different sections of our life which are connected to each other. Every house aka section in astrology holds a different purpose and aspects of your life.

In your birth chart, planets are differently positioned and aligned to charge all houses in astrology with their energies. All planets have different purpose, for example Saturn placed in the 7th house wants solid foundation of relationships. Every planet in astrology behaves differently in each houses. First 6 houses are personal houses and last 6 houses are collective houses in astrology.

Personal houses in astrology are all about self image, value system, personal mindset and self expression.

Collective houses in astrology are mainly about the self expansion through interpersonal skills, professions, dealing with public networks and transcended experience through personal transformation and evolving as your highest version.

First house

First house in astrology is a house of self image and the impression (especially the first) people get about you. It is also known as Ascendant (Asc). This house defines your personality and nature, not exactly your public image but more of a perception which people form about you. The body part associated with first house is your head. First house and planets sitting here plays a major role in manifestation of your looks and appearance.

Second house

Second house in astrology is the house of your value system. What do you value the most or least? What value you give to the material world as well as your own self. Second house in astrology is the worth and importance you give to yourself and also, how you feel about it. Second house is also the house of your wealth, bank balance and the assets you possess. This house also signifies how you earn your money and the kind of relationship you have with money. The planet which is sitting here and the zodiac which is ruling this house in your birth chart will clarify how you feel when you earn money and how you use it. The body part associated with second house is throat, neck, nose and tongue.

Third house

Third house in astrology is the house of our mindset, thinking ability and communication. The planet sitting here and zodiac ruling third house will tell us how we communicate and express ourselves. Third house is the section of our ability to reason and think. This is the house which tell us about our younger siblings and cousins and the kind of relationship we have with them. This house also signifies our student avatar during school days and our interest and opinions and interests about short distance travels. The body parts associated with third house are hands, shoulder and the upper chest area.

Fourth house

Fourth house in astrology is the house of our emotions. The kind of emotional nature we have is derived by the planet sitting here and zodiac ruling fourth house in individual’s birth chart. Fourth house is also the house of mother and family (parents). Moon is the original ruler of this house. Therefore, just as third house is the house of our ability to think, fourth house is the house of our ability to feel things. The body parts associated with fourth house are lungs.

Fifth house

Fifth house in astrology is the house of our creative side, our romantic nature and the joy we derive through creative action and being in spot light. Since this is the house of romance, it also represents our casual relationships for pleasure. The planet sitting here and the zodiac in this house tells us how we express our confidence and self respect. Fifth house in astrology is also the house of our dramatic, creative and artistic side and how we act and feel in front of camera or in social gatherings. Feeling confident, content and full of life are the core elements of this house. Body parts associated with this house are stomach and mid spine.

Sixth house

Sixth house in astrology is the house which represents daily routine, physical health and our dealings with the external world (e.g work place). This denotes physical body of an individual and the fitness. This house represents how we deal with everyday problems and challenges. Sixth house also represents the kind of job we may do and our contribution towards environment and to other creatures on the planet. Also, this house represents our ability to solve conflicts between people through negotiations or using our ability of critical analysis of situations to derive the best possible solutions.

Seventh house

Seventh house in astrology also known as descendent house. This house represents the way you deal with other persons (your life or your business partner). To summarize it simply, seventh house represents the one to one relationship you form with individuals. Any kind of legal agreement, contract and association between individuals or organizations falls under seventh house. Any planet sitting here and the zodiac ruling this house defines the nature and the way one to one relationships with individuals. One may find out personality and appearance of spouse through the planetary placements in this house. Seventh house in astrology is opposite to first house (yourself), which means you may attract people in your life who reflect your past, present or future personality. The body parts associated with seventh house are lower spine and genital.

Eighth house

Eighth house in astrology is the secret section of your life. Your deep secrets which you don’t share with anyone, stay in this house. Eight house is also a house of major ups and downs of life, emotional traumas and psychological transformation. Eighth house represents the type of connection we make with other people and how much value we give to the other person. The planet sitting here and zodiac ruling eighth house can tell you how you may overcome the emotional turbulence and challenges in life. This house also suggests the inheritance and the passive or unknown source of income. Occult science or secret knowledge (e.g astrology itself) which is not known to many comes under eighth house.

Eighth house is all about digging deep into the matters which are unknown and face them to transform into a resilient person. This house is a house of deep research. People who have prominent placement of eighth house become researchers, surgeons, detectives and secret agents or someone who is seeing the world through a psychological perspective. Body part associated with this house is anus and pelvic.

Ninth house

Ninth house in astrology is opposite to the third house. Third house is a house of individual’s mindset and ninth is all about the belief system one carries with that mindset. Ninth house in astrology is your higher mind, not exactly the logical mind I am talking about. Third house is all about how, when and what you may do. Ninth house is all about conviction and faith that it shall be done but unknown about when and how. It is the house of individual’s faith, religious or spiritual beliefs, higher education and how you like see yourself in future. It involves long distance travels or any travelling which is done for purpose of adventure or enlightenment.

Ninth house is the house of freedom and the carefree nature. Planetary placement and the zodiac ruling ninth house defines the kind of belief system one has and nature of that belief system whether it is fixed or mutable. Body parts associated with ninth house are hips and thighs.

Tenth house

Tenth house in astrology is a house of public image and how an individual is recognized publicly or in society. It is also known as Midheaven (MC) in the birth chart. The profession or a career one holds to be recognized in the world and public opinion about an individual. Sixth house is the house of job we do for survival, But tenth house is the house where an individual comes with a purpose on a material level for its existence. The planet sitting here and the zodiac ruling tenth house shows how you deal with public and what energy is needed as per planetary placements to raise our public image. Body parts associated with tenth house are knees and teeth.

Eleventh house

Eleventh house in astrology is the section of friends and network circle an individual has. This house is the house of our wishes and desires. This section in our birth chart reveals our way of dealing with large networks and friends circle. It’s the house of stock market and converting deals to manifest cash in hand easily. Planetary placement and zodiac ruling eleventh house shows the interest and ability to deal with networking and generating income through liquid gains. Condition of this house in individual’s birth chart also shows the contribution a native may do for humanitarian and social cause. The body parts associated with eleventh house are ankle and skin.

Twelfth house

Twelfth house is the section of your subconscious self. It is the last but not the least house out of all houses in astrology. Just like sixth house is the house of physical health, twelfth house is the house of mental and spiritual health. It is the section where you meet yourself in solitude. This house is not about the materialized or visible world but about the inner world which is invisible i.e your imaginations and deep unconscious state. Twelfth house in astrology is the house just like Himalayas where you don’t see everyday routine, traffic and work. It is completely related you and yourself and the memory stored in your subconscious through images of thoughts.

This house is mostly related to invisible things which you either have not experienced through eyes or doesn’t exist physically e.g hidden enemies, diseases which a clinical person is unable to diagnose or energies which are not visible through human eyes. Any planet sitting here and zodiac ruling twelfth house derive their purpose, but they surely demand to raise the consciousness through meditation and learning psychic abilities. It’s the house of intuition and the things manifesting spiritually. The body parts associated with this placement are feet and nervous system.

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