Can astrology help in depression ?

Well, the answer is yes. Astrology can help in depression by letting you know your suppressed and repressed emotions and work on the cause of it rather working on the symptoms of depression.

Depression is nothing but suppressed and repressed emotions. Suppressed emotions are emotions which you are aware but don’t know how to deal with these, therefore you may avoid to deal with it by distracting yourself. Repressed emotions are emotions which you are not aware about it consciously.

Astrology is one of the best tools to help depression. Of course, breath work (deep breathing through diaphragm) and positive self talk can help, but before you apply these remedies you should be aware about what are these exact emotions and from where these are coming from. Even after releasing these stagnant emotions, you may refill them because of the compulsive thoughts.

Astrology is a beautiful tool if you know how to use it. Birth charts are blue prints of native’s personality, emotional nature and all aspects of life whether it is marriage, career and health. Placements of different planets and zodiacs can help in finding the cause of the issue in particular birth chart.

Astrology can simply find out the happening of the effects you are dealing with. Once you are aware about the exact cause, you can work on it. Some planets in their transit demand to release loads of dormant emotions by native. But, due to the resistance or too much mental control sufferings happen which can cause depression too.

Passive belief in astrology has caused suffering to many people in the world. People want to know what future holds for them, but they are not aware that future is your creation and not already written. If you change your mindset and belief system, you break the pattern with the help of astrology, hence you change the present and future too. Hardly, anybody knows that astrology is not a future predicting tool, but a tool to fix your present and future by getting aware about the things you are consciously not aware.

How astrology can help you ?

How planets in astrology help in depression

In astrology, their are 9 planets which may actually help you to get out of depression after understanding the purpose of each planet and how they affect us individually.


In astrology, the planet Moon is associated with your emotions. Majority of people live in their past imaginations either resenting or regretting the past actions of themselves or others. This habit also manifests itself into a depression for an individuals as it puts them on a lower vibrations. Once you start feeling the suppressed emotions deeply instead of distracting yourself, you also release them from your body. Astrology can help you to be aware about the repressed emotions and the cause of the depression.


Saturn is the planet in astrology which is one of the causes people suppress their emotions and become depressed. The planet in its various transits demands native to discipline their emotions. But, due to the resistance in letting go of the past or recent trauma, Saturn further adds anxiety and gives experiences of emotional heartbreaks and extreme traumas so that one releases its pilled up emotions through anger or tears.


Pluto is the planet in astrology which demands transformation or metamorphosis. The planet in its various transits asks the native to shed the old personality and become the better one. But, due to the native’s comfort and attachment to the old self and false securities, Pluto gives lessons, which may cause suffering or depression to the native.

North and south node axis

North and south node (Rahu & Ketu) are the node axis of Moon. Rahu placement in the birth chart or in the transit can help you in knowing the purpose of your birth on earth. Many of us are feared to take risks and follow our purpose. The fear of leaving the security, comfort spot, and letting go of the compulsive actions do not let the native to follow their purpose. South node, the counter part of north node in opposite ask the native to let go and leave the false insecurities. South node pushes the native to follow their purpose (north node) by giving dilutions, detachment and isolation or solitude. When natives resist and do not let this node axis transform them for the highest good, depression starts raising up gradually.

Just like Pluto, south node pushes the native to transform spiritually while enjoying the material world, pleasures and comforts, but also being non attached to it to avoid the suffering or depression.


Mars is the planet of action, aggression, will and control. This planet provides natives the will to survive and take action for better tomorrow. Placement or transits of Mars in the birth chart may highlight the area where this planet may demand action to change for better. Procrastination to take action asked by Mars in astrology may cause unnecessary depression or feeling of apathy. Mars performs better when you think less, feel less and do more with focus.


Mercury is the planet of intellect, an ability to think and logical side of mind. This is the planet which may distract you with social media content, binging random videos and getting involved in gossips. Mercury is the planet which loves to think and keeps the mind busy with thoughts. The purpose of this planet is also to control your thoughts and hence emotions. Just because you can think anything, doesn’t mean you have to think anything. Mercury pushes the native to gain clarity over compulsive thinking. It also demands natives to stay curious and live in the present all the time. When natives resist to change their compulsive thinking habits, the content they watch on social media and the urge to get into gossiping and deriving pleasure out of it, suffering and depression rises.

Mercury doesn’t ask you to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Avoid overthinking by doing more and think less.


Venus is the planet associated with luxury and pleasure. Overindulgence into anything e.g over eating ,drugs, alcohol and constant sexual desires. Venus pushes the native to enjoy every part of abundance with self control and balance. It teaches the native to love and value everything, but value your own self more than anything. Any pleasure derived to bypass the effects of sadness further enhances depression in long run. Suffering and depression happens when people have low self worth and self esteem, when they start valuing material things and too much attachment based relationships.

Similarly, all planets in astrology may help in depression if we understand the purpose of each planet in birth charts or in transit.

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