Mercury retrograde September 2022

Mercury retrograde is back! Mercury is the planet that majorly rules communication in astrology. It goes into retrograde motion on September 9, 2022, and remain in that motion till October 1, 2022. During Mercury retrograde, the planet appears to move in a backward direction from west to east. Mercury retrograde September 2022 is powered by … Read more

What is the role of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in astrology acts as a strict teacher which wants discipline, orderliness and strong foundation in every aspect. Saturn is disreputable for almost 98% people who are aware of astrology. This planet is known for its tough phases, punishments and delays in life situations. God has given a very special role to this planet in … Read more

Does astrology really work ?

Astrology does work, doesn’t matter you believe in astrology or not, universe is doing its role. Some people till certain age do not believe in these energies and keep labelling it as pseudoscience. It doesn’t bother planets or universe because you have chosen not to believe in these energies, it is your freewill. It is … Read more